God of War Ragnarok: All Stags of Four Seasons Locations

This guide will show you where to find all the 4 Stags of All Seasons Locations in God of War Ragnarok released on November 8th, 2022. 

There are 4 Stags of All Seasons in the game and searching all 4 stags are part of A Stag for All Seasons Favor (Side Quest) for Ratatoskr in God of War Ragnarok. Seasonal Stags are special creatures that represent a season. All Seasonal Stags areas are found in the Vanaheim, you’ll need to locate all four in order to complete the Favour, A Stag for All Seasons.

Note: To access The Crater area in Vanaheim, complete Favor: Scent of Survival in Vanaheim.

1) The Stag of Winter

Location: The Plains, Vanaheim

It can be located near The Overgrown Tower Mystic Gateway.

2) The Stag of Summer

Location: The Jungle, Vanaheim

Travel to the northern Mystic Gateway at Jungle Entrance. Then grapple to the other side of the river. Open the door with the chain on the left. Follow the path inside the tunnel, and use the spear to create a way up to the ledge. Squeezing through a narrow passage as you move forward. At the end open the gate to find the Seasonal Stag near a tree.

3) The Stag of Spring

Location: The Jungle, Vanaheim

1. This is only accessible during the daytime and found after completing main Mission 13: Creatures of Prophecy. Go to a Celestial Altar and change the time to DAY, if it’s not that already.
2. You must finish the Return of the River favor in order to fill the river to reach the stag.

Go to the southern dock in the jungle (Dock 1 in the picture below). Get in the boat and go north to reach Dock 2. Climb up the stairs and squeeze through the gap. Break the barrier ahead and then grapple across the river to find the Seasonal Stag as shown in the pictures below.

4) The Stag of Autumn

Location: The Sinkholes, Vanaheim

Found right next to the Sinkholes Entrance Mystic Gateway.

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