A Knight’s Penance Quest | Fallout 76 Steel Reign Walkthrough

‘A Knight’s Penance’ is the first quest of Fallout 76’s eighth major expansion, Steel Reign, that concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. The story continues from where the previous DLC ‘Steel Dawn’ ended. Go to the bottom of the page to see the video walkthrough of ‘A Knight’s Penance’ mission. Completing the mission rewards you with the ‘Face Breaker’ legendary weapon.

For the first objective go to Fort Atlas and talk to Russel Dorsey. He will inform about news about the attack of Super Mutants coming from all over the Appalachia. He will ask you to inform Knight Shin and Paladin Rahmani about the super mutant attacks. Knight Shin will ask you to brief Initiates Norland and Hewsen to come along on a mission with him and you to track Super Mutants Talk to the Initiates and ask them to report to Uncanny Caverns, which is at the southwest portion of the map as shown in the picture below.

Enter the Uncanny Cavern where you will find Knit Shin along with the two Initiates. Talk to Knight Shin and follow him. Kill the Mirelurk Killclaw that you will find in the cavern and then talk to Knight Shin again and then keep following him further deep into the cavern. Further ahead you will find a few Floaters. Defeat them and speak with Knight Shin who will tell you that floaters are usually found with Super Mutants, so mutants must be nearby.

Search for a Way Through

Your next objective is to examine objects to find a way through. You will find a rockslide at a corner blocking your path as shown in the picture below. A little bit on the right of the rockslide, collect the shovel half-buried into the ground (See the picture below). Further right you will find a crevice on the wall as shown in the picture below.

Interact with the three objects and then report to Knight Shin. He will tell the two initiates to squeeze through the crevice and scout ahead. You have to go and clear the rocks from the path. Interact with the rockslide and then use the shovel to move the rocks.

Defeat the super mutants behind the newly opened path and then proceed ahead with Knight Shin. A little ahead you will find the dead body of Norland with Initiate Hewsen nowhere to be seen around. Follow the trail to find a hidden crevice further ahead on the left side. Interact with the cervice to go inside.

In the new area, you will find Initiate Hewsen who has triggered a trap. Knight Shin will jump over the trap and absorb the blast. Now you will be attacked by many super mutants. After eliminating the super mutants you will have to search for information on the super mutants.

Follow the objective marker to search for the information on super mutants. In the highlighted area you will find a damaged Pip-Boy at a corner as shown in the picture below.

Your next objective is to take the damaged Pip-Boy to Scribe Valdez at Fort Atlas. This will complete the mission and start the next mission ‘Missing Persons’.

Video Walkthrough

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