A Misplaced Conch: Genshin Impact 2.8 | Summertime Odyssey event

This guide shows how to complete a Genshin Impact 2.8’s world quest A Misplaced Conch” in Golden Apple Archipelago during the Summertime Odyssey event. This quest unlocks automatically after completing both The Discarded Insignia and The Misplaced Photo

Talk to the Fatui at the camp

As the quest starts, head to the big island east of the Broken Isle and speak with Fatui at the camp.

Investigate the camp

After the cutscene, interact with the conch on top of a wooden crate.

Collect clues by talking to the Fatui at the camp

Speak with the Fatui again.

Find the lost conches (X/3)

Now, you have to find three more conches.

Conch 1/3 – Imaging Conch

Head to the Minacious Isle and climb up to the top of the Mountain on the western side.

Conch 2/3 – Imaging Conch – DAY 3

Go to the drum north of Broken isle from where you enter ‘The Islands’ Stirring Strings’ domain, and pick ‘Change mountain style‘. This will lower the size of the mountain on your right. Enter the mountain from the northern side as marked on the map.

Choose a Pyro character to light up the torches surrounding the Pyro elemental pillar, and then you can light up all other three torches along the path.

Go through the door at the top to light the final torch. Pull the lever and head back to the water area.

Activate the Pyro pillar if not done earlier to drain the water and pick up the conch. You need to activate both the Pyro pillar to drain the water completely.

Conch 3/3 – Imaging Conch – DAY 4

Complete Fischl’s domain during the ‘Immernachtreich Apokalypse’ event quest, you can visit the northern island of Twinning Isle to solve the stone raven puzzle to find the next Phantasmal Conch.

Talk to the three stone ravens surrounding the well to get the ‘Throw Stone’ prompt to appear and click it. Choose three eligible stones that aren’t blacked out to throw into the well.

The Conch will then float to the top of the well and you can now click it to add it to your collection!

Place the misplaced conches in their original places

Head back to the island and placed Misplaced Conch 1, 2, and 3 on the wooden box as shown in the image.

Wake Yakov up

This will wake up Yakov and the quest ends after the cutscene.

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