A Misplaced Photo: Genshin Impact 2.8 | Summertime Odyssey event

This guide shows how to complete a Genshin Impact 2.8’s world quest A Misplaced Photo” in Golden Apple Archipelago during the Summertime Odyssey event.

You start this quest by talking to the Mirror Maiden on the beach of the smaller island just north of Broken Isle.

Look for the photo that the Mirror Maiden lost

As the quest starts, Mirror Maiden will ask for your help to find a photo of myself and my brothers. Just head to the eastern side of the same island to find the item near wooden stairs. This is a silver pocket watch.

Give the pocket watch with the photo back to the Mirror Maiden

Go back to Mirror Maiden and give the pocket watch back to her.

Check the direction that the Mirror Maiden left in

Go to Minacious Isle and climb up the northern cliff.

Unseal the vine-covered cave entrance

After speaking with Mirror Maiden, you just have to solve a Melodic Hart and Bloom puzzle. Just glide down to the beach and hit the Melodic Hart to unlock the seal.

Go into the cave and speak to Agafya

After hitting the Melodic Hart, climb up the cliff and speak with Agafya.

Look for traces of the other group’s members

Go to Minacious Isle and change the Matching Version Of Minacious Isle. In order to progress through the quest, you need to revert the island back to its previous state. To do so, you’ll need to use the Astral Gate, which will then change the island. It will also teleport you to another island.

On the Minacious Isle, stand on the Temple of the Star Latitudes. This will change the matching Version Of Minacious Isle

Next, go to the cave and stand over “Place in Water“. This will change the Version Of the Minacious Isle.

Glid down from the top of the Minacious Isle to find a conch on the cliff wall where a fallen tree trunk is acting like a bridge. The quest will end here.

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