A Satisfied Conscience Quest | Fallout 76 Steel Reign Walkthrough

A Satisfied Conscience Quest

‘A Satisfied Conscience’ is the fourth quest of Fallout 76’s eighth major expansion, Steel Reign, which concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. This quest starts automatically after the completion of the main mission ‘Out of the Blue’. Go to the bottom of the page to see the video walkthrough of ‘A Satisfied Conscience’ mission.

For the first objective, talk to go to Paladin Rahmani at Fort Atlas. You will be informed that Scribe Valdez has cracked the encryption on the damaged Pip-Boy that you found in Uncanny Cavern. The Pip-Boy came from Vault 96, where the abductees might be hidden and where Dr. Blackburn is doing his experiments. Your next objective would be to investigate Vault 96.  Vault 96 is at the southeast portion of the map as shown in the picture below.

Enter Vault 96 and talk to the surviving Hellcat mercenary that you will find upon entering. The survivor will inform you about the presence of Blood eagles inside the vault who attacked and killed the mercenaries. Next, follow the objective marker to reach the terminal and activate the emergency transponder to signal Valdez.

Valdez will unlock the door to proceed further. Go straight downstairs where you will find a bunch of Blood Eagles. After you have defeated Blood Eagles, Dr. Blackburn will contact you through the intercom and ask you to leave immediately. The door to reach Dr. Blackburn is locked and you will need to find the keycard to open it.

Your next objective will be to collect three clues from the Mainframe Wing. Follow the objective market and collect FEV Research Log #22. Another clue is a note named ‘Vault 96’ (See picture below). The third clue is the error entries in the terminal the objective marker will lead you to.

Next you have to open the door to the reactor wing. You can either interact with the terminal near the door or Short-Circuit the terminal fusebox to open the reactor wing door. Defeat the Blood eagles inside the reactor wind and collect the two clues. One of the clues is FEV Research Log #38 and the other is a note named ‘Breakthrough’.

Your next objective is to open the Cryonics wing. Upon interacting with the door you will be contacted by a Blood Eagle, Tally Lang. She will inform you that they are overrun by robots and will ask for your help. In return, she will offer to give you Vault Security Keycard that opens all the doors inside Vault 96. Accept the deal and she will open the door.

Once you have defeated the robots, talk to Tally lang. Here you can peacefully take the keycard or attack and kill the remaining Blood eagles.

After you have the keycard, your next objective is to collect three clues from Cryonics Bay. One clue is FEV Research Log #57. Another clue is a note named ‘Corpse Disposal’. The final clue is a note named ‘Reminder: Supplies’. All three clues can be tracked using the objective marker.

Next use the Security Keycard to open the door to the Research Wing. You have to find three clues inside the research wing. One of the clues is FEV Research Log #112. For another clue read all the files on the terminal highlighted by the objective marker. The final clue is a note named ‘Snallygaster’.

Inside the Research wing defeat the Glowing Snallygaster. Nearby you will find prisoners inside test chambers. Follow the objective marker to reach the terminal that unlocks the test chamber. The prisoner will inform you that Dr. Blackburn has been doing experiments on them.

Next follow the objective marker to reach Overseer’s office door and interact with the security card reader. The keycard won’t work. Disable the hydraulics in the utility room to open the locked door. Go upstairs and confront Dr. Blackburn. Capture Blackburn to complete the mission.

Video Walkthrough

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