Abe Ghost: Location and Puzzle | Tsurumi Island Hidden Quest | Genshin Impact 2.2

This guide shows the location of Abe Ghost in the Tsurumi Island of the Inazuma Region and how to complete his request. The Ghost will spawn only after you have completed ‘The Sun Wheel and Mt. Kanna’ world quest (Part 4 of ‘Through the Mists’ quest chain).

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Abe Ghost Hidden Quest

Abe is in Chirai Shrine underground. Jump down Shirikoro Peak to reach the underground area. Then move ahead and go through the two circular doors. After crossing the second door, turn right and you can see a few Fluorescent fungi. Collect the Fluorescent Fungus and Abe will appear. Abe will scold you for disturbing him and then disappear. Now leave the area.

Come back to the same location after 48 hours, when Fluorescent fungi have respawned. Collect all the fungus again, and Abe will reappear. He will again scold you. Don’t leave the area, and talk to him again. This time you will get an option to give him some mushrooms. Give Abe 3 Philanemo Mushrooms and 3 Mushrooms. On getting these mushrooms, Abe will leave and an exquisite chest will spawn. This completes the request.

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