Academy Glintstone Key Location | Elden Ring: Academy of Raya Lucaria Academy

  • Post published:February 27, 2022
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How to get inside the Academy of Raya Lucaria Puzzle

This guide shows how to get the Glintstone key required to enter the Academy in Liurnia. You will find the entry gate of the academy near the “South Raya Lucaria Gate” site of grace location as shown in the pictures below. On interacting with the gate, you will get a message saying that you cannot proceed without a Glintstone key.

Near the gate, you will find a corpse containing a Meeting Place Map as shown in the pictures below. The map shows the location of a meeting place. You will need to go to the marked location to get the Glintstone Key.

Academy Glintstone Key Location

The Meeting Place Map points to the location north of Temple Quarter as shown in the picture below.

Go north from the Temple Quarter, and you will find the Glintstone Key sitting on a statue as shown in the pictures below. Pick up the Glintstone key, and now you will be able to enter the academy.

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