Adira’s Fear: Search the Forge for Adira’s 2nd Relic | Fields Puzzles | Kena Bridge of Spirits Walkthrough

You will get the objective to Search the Forge for Adira’s 2nd Relic during the ‘Adira’s Fear’ mission in the Fields area. This article shows how to reach the forge and get Adira’s 2nd relic.

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How to reach the Forge

After you get the mission, go to the Forge Entrance at the location as shown below.

Talk to the girl at the Forge Entrance. After the cutscene, climb up the rocks as shown below.

After climbing the rocks, go straight until you reach a wooden platform as shown below. From here take the path on the right.

Move forward on the right path. Jump across the broken stone bridge until you come to an end. Jump down there as shown in the picture below.

After jumping down you will slide to reach a cave entrance. Enter the cave and go straight until you reach an arena as shown below. Defeat the enemies in the arena and then destroy the corruption.

Destroying the corruption will create a hole in the cave wall. Go outside through the hole. Here you will find a few bombable stones. Don’t bomb the stones yet. Jump on the stones to reach the ledge as shown below.

Stand on the ledge and throw a bomb on the rocks to levitate them and form floating platforms. Jump through the floating platforms to reach the higher level of the mountain as shown below.

After you have reached the higher mountain level, take the path on the right. A little ahead you will reach a bombable rock as shown below. Throw a bomb on the rock and it will levitate, revealing a blue flower. Grapple the blue flower to climb up.

After that take the right path until the end to reach a waterfall as shown below.

Here you will find a few bombable rocks in the water. Bomb the rock in front as shown below. The rock will levitate to form a floating platform. Jump on the platform.

After jumping on the floating platform, throw a bomb on the rock in the water below. The rocks will levitate to form floating platforms as shown below. One of the platforms will have a crystal on one side. Shoot the crystal to make the platform horizontal. Then jump across the platform to reach the forge.

Stone Guardian Boss Fight

As you reach the forge, you will have to fight the Stone Guardian Boss. You will get Adira’s 2nd Relic on defeating the Stone Guardian Boss. Throw bombs on the Stone Guardian to expose its weak spots then shoot the weak spots to defeat the Stone Guardian.

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