Afratu’s Dilemma Quest Walkthrough | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows how to complete the world quest “Afratu’s Dilemma” in the game Genshin Impact 3.1, released on 28th September 2022. Afratu’s Dilemma is a World Quest in Valley of Dahri, Great Red Sand, Sumeru. 

How to Unlock Afratu’s Dilemma

The Afruta’s Dilemma quest unlocks automatically When you reach close to the Valley of Dahri in Sumeru’s Desert. The location is marked below on the map.

Talk to the researcher

To begin the quest, speak with Afruta (NPC) on the roadside below the cliffs. He will mention a huge machine (Robot) and an ancient ruin golem that has been active in the area and attacked with beam weaponry. These powerful beams can destroy loose rocks.

Find a way to enter the robot

Head to a marked location in the south direction to find beam weaponry. Stand near the right wall with loose rocks and dodge the machine’s beam weaponry. Repeat until the loose rocks collapse, revealing a secret tunnel.

Explore up ahead

Enter inside the tunnel.

Try to break the Seal

Use the four-left sigil to get across the gap and break the seal to clear the path

Continue Exploring

Continue following the tunnel inside. Break another seal to clear the route and enter the area where you’ll encounter some enemies. Use the four-left sigil to reach to the top.

You will find a Secret Hidden Teleport Waypoint.

Go through the robot’s arm

Continue to follow the quest marker and break all the seals on the way until you enter the robot.

Investigate the cockpit

Use the four-leg to transport yourself to the top of the cockpit.

Break Suda’s Flow at three locations (0/3)

You will get this objective once you reach the cockpit of the robot. You have to clear the seals at three different locations.

#1 Location

From the cockpit, go up the metal ramp on the left and clear the corruption by breaking the seal. Head inside and clear three more seals.

#2 Location

From the cockpit, go up the metal ramp on the left Enter the room, and clear two seals.

Next enter the attached room and clear all the seals inside.

#3 Location

Go to the bottom of the cockpit and clear all the seals. There is a total of 6 seals to break.

Enter the cockpit

Enter the cockpit after breaking Suda’s Flow at three locations

Switch off autonomous attacking

Turn off automatic attacking inside the cockpit. Finally, report back to Afratu to end the quest.

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