Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center | Alignment Control Center | Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center

This guide shows how to complete the “Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center” objective in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, released on 28th April 2023. The video walkthrough is also posted below.

After you get the objective, Travel to Koboh and go to the location shown in the pictures below. Enter the door as shown in the second picture below. Then climb the wall on the left side and proceed ahead. When you reach the elevator as shown in the third picture below, take it down to reach the Alignment Control Center.

Alignment Control Center

Proceed inside and defeat all the enemies. Then go near the rotating device as shown in the picture below. When you get close, a terminal will come out from the ground. Press “Activate” when prompted. This will make the rings stop rotating. Then press “open” when prompted to open the door.
Note: Many players are facing a bug in which the rings don’t stop rotating. Quit the game and restart to try again.

Now go inside and activate the controls to go up. ACtivate the controls after racing the top to complete the objective.

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