All 10 Administrative District Treasure Chests Location | Honkai Star Rail

Once you embark on a journey across the stars in Honkai: Star Rail, you will arrive at a planet known as Jarilo-VI. Similar to Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI comprises several regions, such as the Administrative District, each containing a specific quantity of treasure chests for players to discover. This article will guide you to find all 10 Administrative District Treasure Chests.

1) Treasure Chests

The first treasure chest can be found directly adjacent to the iron gates and southernmost Space Anchor.

2) Treasure Chests

The second treasure chest is situated in the outdoor cafe seating area, towards the east of Treasure Chest 1.

3) Treasure Chests

Climb the staircase next to the outdoor cafe and continue walking until green banners and a closed gate. The chest is near the gate.

4) Treasure Chests

The chest is near a dumpster and street lamp.

5) Treasure Chests

Head north from the previous location and take a left turn to find Dominic (NPC). The treasure chest can be found adjacent to a group of chairs.

6) Treasure Chests

The chest is near a massive set of stairs.

7) Treasure Chests

The chest is near an NPC standing guard by a staircase.

8) Treasure Chests

Proceed towards the staircase in the northern direction and search for Theatrical Posters. The treasure chest can be found situated behind them.

9) Treasure Chests

Travel towards the northwestern section of the map. The chest is near the purple phone booth.

10) Treasure Chests

Go to Central Plaza Space Anchor and go to the guard NPC where you got chest 7. You’ll notice Belobog’s guards block off two sets of staircases, and unfortunately, that’s where you need to go to find the last chest. You have to complete the main storyline for Belobog and Jarilo-VI to be able to go down the stairs. Once you finish this story, you can go down the steps and into map B1 to find the last chest.

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