All 12 Key Sigil Locations in Evernight Temple | Genshin Impact 2.4

This guide shows the walkthrough of all the ‘Evernight Temple’ Key Sigil Locations in the Enkanomiya area, which was introduced in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. There are a total of 12 Key Sigil in The Evernight Temple.

#1 Key Sigil III

You can find this Key Sigil while doing Date’s Challenge World Quest. You need to go inside Date’s secret room using the Medal of Recognition to find this Key Sigil. Refer to the above link on how to do Date’s Challenge and access the Date’s secret room.

#2 Key Sigil II

Located below the northernmost Teleport Waypoint. Drop down from the southern side of the teleport waypoint. Switch to Whitenight using the nearby mechanism to remove the barrier.

#3 Key Sigil IV

Located beside some candles on the northern mountain cliff of ghostfish portal.

#4 Key Sigil IV

North of the Teleport Waypoint on top of a white tree and small pillar structure (On top of mountain cliff of ghostfish portal)

#5 Key Sigil IV

Head west from the Teleport Waypoint and drop down at the marked location. You will find the Key Sigil hidden below a big tree’s root.

#6 Key Sigil V

Located near two mountains walls/gaps at the marked location.

#7 Key Sigil I

This is placed beneath a tree root with a lantern.

#8 Key Sigil V

Head west from the southernmost teleport waypoint and dropdown. You will find this on the edge of a ruined building above the platform where Divine Bridge is used.

#09 Key Sigil I

On top of a ruined pillar south of the Teleport Waypoint.

#10 Key Sigil V

Just southeast of the Teleport Waypoint and on top of a pillar.

#11 Key Sigil IV

This can be found by jumping from the cliff at the marked location (western edge from the teleport waypoint ). You will find the key sigil inside a room carved from the cliff wall as shown below the image.

#12 Key Sigil IV

This key Sigil is Locked behind a barrier. Use the Teleport Waypoint nearby and use the Day-Night Switch Mechanism to switch to Evernight. Activate the Hydro Monuments to collect the sigil.

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