All 12 Vasmrti locations in Genshin Impact | Sumeru Sprouting Seedlings | Nurseries Locations

This guide shows how to complete the world quest “Sprouting Seedlings” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. “Sprouting Seedlings” is part of Dream Nursery: Aranakula II and is unlocked after Varuna Gatha World Quest series. The quest is activated in Aranakula’s garden where players will be given the task of finding 12 nurseries with Vasmrti. There are 13 Vasmrti, the first one is available during the quest.

First, head to Vanarana and play the song “Rhythm of Great Dreams”. This will initiate the world quest “Sprouting Seedlings”.  

Head to the garden cared for by Aranakula

As the quest start, go to the garden and speak with Aranakula. You will need to help Aranakula to search for 12 Aranara Nursery throughout Sumeru and complete their puzzle challenges to collect the Vasmrti.

All 12 Vasmrti locations in Genshin Impact

At each location, a player has to solve a small puzzle that consists of standing on the grass squares in the right order to get every square to have grass.

#1 Vasmrti – Vanarana 

#2 Vasmrti – East of Vissudha Fields

#3 Vasmrti

#4 Vasmrti

#5 Vasmrti

#6 Vasmrti

#7 Vasmrti

#8 Vasmrti

#9 Vasmrti

#10 Vasmrti

#11 Vasmrti

#12 Vasmrti

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