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This article will guide you to find all 14 Marko’s Memories in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Collecting these items is essential for achieving 100% District completion and earning the Grains of Sand trophy. Marko’s Memories are orange crystals that spawn sand enemies upon approaching. Eliminate the enemies and then shatter the crystal to examine its contents.

Financial District

1) Marko’s Memory: She’s Gone

The first crystal is earned automatically from Main Quest 02: One Thing At a Time. All other Marko’s Memories are unlocked. Miles will receive a request named “Trapped in a High-Rise” during the second main mission. After rescuing the victims from the flames, descend a rubble slope to locate the crystal.

2) Marko’s Memory: Prying Eyes

It is located at the park at the southern point of the Manhattan Island coastline.

3) Marko’s Memory: Being Followed

The third Memory in the Financial District is on the roof of a white building on the Financial District’s south-eastern shore, adjacent to an aerial tower.

4) Marko’s Memory: No One Believes Me

The final Marko Memory in the Financial District is situated near its northern border, tucked away in an alley surrounded by three buildings


5) Marko’s Memory: Looking For Answers

The initial crystal in Chinatown can be found on the southwestern edge of the area, tucked in the corner of an alleyway.

6) Marko’s Memory: A Trap

The second crystal in Chinatown is situated in the district’s northern section, located in the northeast corner of a lower rooftop near a red door.


7) Marko’s Memory: Face to Face

The memory crystal in Greenwich is located on the Western side of the district in the middle of a basketball court.


8) Marko’s Memory: The Beast Inside

This particular Marko’s memory can be found in the southwestern corner of the Midtown region, tucked away in the rear corner of an alleyway between two buildings.

9) Marko’s Memory: A Familiar Feeling

his crystal is located in the central part of Midtown’s eastern area, perched on the rooftop of a building just southeast of Grand Central Station.

Central Park

10) Marko’s Memory: Uninvited Guests

The sole crystal in Central Park is situated in the southeastern corner of the district. It’s located on the western bank of a lake found at the park.

Little Odessa

11) Marko’s Memory: Fade to Black

This crystal is located in the northwest corner of the Little Odessa district, near the border and close to the highway. You can find it on the rooftop of the Loaves and Wishes Bakery factory.


12) Marko’s Memory: Imprisoned

You can discover it a little north of the bridge leading to Chinatown. Search for an apartment complex resembling large steps, and just north of it, you’ll find a factory housing the crystal on its roof.

Downtown Brooklyn

13) Marko’s Memory: Broken Promise

The Marko Memory in Downtown Brooklyn is located near the central part of the district, tucked away in an alley between two tall buildings.

14) Marko’s Memory: Together Again

In Downtown Brooklyn, the Marko Memory is situated in the western section close to certain ruins. This crystal only appears after you’ve gathered the initial 13 memories. Activating this crystal transports you to an alternate dimension. Simply follow the straightforward path until you reach a massive crystal at the end.

Trophy: Grains of Sand

Once you’ve located all 14 of Marko’s Memories, MJ will contact you and provide coordinates to the residential zone in the Astoria district. Follow these coordinates to a door where you can trigger a cutscene and earn the “Grains of Sand” trophy.

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