All 15 Character Locations | Fortnite NPCs In Chapter 4 Season 1

  • Post published:December 5, 2022
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There are currently 15 Fortnite characters to find on the new Chapter 4 island. NPCs can be visited by players to purchase items and supplies as well as receive missions and quests. Some of them will even offer Exotic weaponry for sale. Below is a list of all the characters and NPCs in Fortnite, as well as where you may find them.

1) Aura

In the northernmost region of the island

2) Evie

In a blue house south of Shattered Slabs

3) Frozen Fishstick

At the top of the lake west of Brutal Bastion

4) Frozen Red Knight

Brutal Bastion

5) Omega Knight

In a village southwest of Slappy Shores

6) Princess Felicity Fish

In a castle southwest of The Citadel

7) Raptorian The Brave

In a clearing south of Anvil Square

8) Neymar Jr.

On a soccer field in the northeast of Slappy Shores

9) Scrapknight Jules

Faulty Splits

10) Helsie

Northwest of Faulty Splits

11) Joni The Red

In a barn southwest of Frenzy Fields

12) Snowheart

In a snow-covered cave east of Breakwater Bay

13) Surrr Burger

Anvil Square

14) Wild Card

Shattered Slabs

15) The Ageless

The Citadel (hostile boss NPC)

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