All 15 Storage Zone Treasure Chests Locations Honkai Star Rail

Herta Space Station comprises several regions, such as the Base Zone, Storage Zone, etc., and each contains a specific quantity of treasure chests for players to discover. This article will guide you to find all 16 Storage Zone Treasure Chests.

Storage Zone F1

There are seven Treasure Chests + Warp Trotter in F1 Level.

1) Treasure Chest

2) Treasure Chest

3) Treasure Chest

4) Treasure Chest (Bountiful Treasure)

5) Treasure Chest (Bountiful Treasure)

You’ll need to solve a brief puzzle involving toggling bridges. Follow the path marked on the image below.

6) Treasure Chest (Precious Treasure)

To obtain the chest, teleport to the Storage Zone in the Herta Space Station and approach the controller beside the door leading to the western room. Interact with the controller to unlock access to the room, which contains multiple wubbaboo elevators.

The first switch is located down the slope to the left as you enter the room, which will activate the blue bridges.

Proceed along the newly-formed path until you reach a circular platform that contains the next data pad. This will reactivate the red bridges and unveil a new route.

Traverse the reactivated red bridge and continue on the grey bridge to locate the final switch. This will reactivate the blue bridges once more, providing a direct path to the opposite side of the room.

Go up the ramp to find the chest inside the room.

7) Warp Trotter

8) Treasure Chest

Storage Zone F2

There are eight Treasure Chests in F2 Level.

9) Treasure Chest

10) Treasure Chest (Precious Treasure)

11) Treasure Chest (Bountiful Treasure)

12) Treasure Chest (Basic Treasure)

13) Treasure Chest (Basic Treasure)

14) Treasure Chest (Basic Treasure)

15) Storage Zone (Precious Chest)

16) Storage Zone (Bountiful Chest)

You’ll need to solve a brief puzzle involving toggling bridges.

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