All 16 Stone Lock Seals Locations in Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru

This guide shows the location of all Stone Lock Seals in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. Travelers will gain the Now Let Time Resume achievement, and eventually be able to claim a Luxurious Chest by completing the Legends of the Stone lock quest.

Stone Pillar Seals are an exploration mechanic in Sumeru. It contains sealed Ruin Machines. To neutralize the energy and free the machines from the seals, use a Pyro character to shoot the seals. Once Ruin Machines is released, defeat the unsealed enemy.

Locations of 16 Stone Pillar Seals

There are a total of eight Stone Lock Seals in Sumeru.

#1-11 Stone Pillar Seals at ground level

There are 11 Stone Pillar Seal sites that are on the ground level.

Stone Pillar Seals at Underground level

There are 5 Stone Pillar Seal sites that are underground level.

#12 Stone Pillar Seals

Located Northeast of Gandharva Ville. Once players have obtained the Kusava from the Agnihotra Sutra Quest, they can enter the cave. The cave entrance is north of the Statue of Seven in Gandharva Ville.

#13 Stone Pillar Seals

This underground Stone Pillar Seal can be found in Devantaka Mountain and is accessible via the neighboring underground Teleport Waypoint. Players must follow Chapter 5 of the Aranyaka – Vimana Agama to access this region.

#14 Stone Pillar Seals

This underground Stone Pillar Seal is located north of Devantaka Mountain and is accessible via the neighboring underground Teleport Waypoint. Drain the water level twice to access the Stone Pillar Seal.

#15-16 Stone Pillar Seals

The two underground Stone Pillar Seals are located north of Pardis Dhyai and are inside the cave where the Legends of the Stone lock quest in Genshin Impact can be activated.

How to unlock Stone Pillar Seals

Step 1

Select a Pyro and Bow Character. You will have to shoot the seals to unlock the Ruins.

Step 2

Shoot the pillar from where energy is released to break it.

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