All 2 Cultural Museum Missions Guide | My Community Trophy | Spiderman 2

  • Post published:October 23, 2023
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This guide shows the location of all 2 Cultural Museum Missions and how to complete them in the Spiderman 2 game, which released on 20 October 2023. They can be played only as Miles. It first unlocks after Main Mission 14: Funky. If the mission is not available in your game, that means you need to progress further in the main story. Completing all Cultural Museum Missions unlocks the My Community trophy and City Sounds suit.

1) Bebop

Open the door on the roof of the building as Miles at the location shown in the picture below to start the mission. Go to the museum and scan the puddle of fuel in front of the door. This will start a corruption puzzle. Destroy the red atoms, avoiding the destruction of green atoms to complete the puzzle. This will create a green trail. Follow the trail and it will take you to the museum burglars. Defeat the burglars, investigate the heist truck, and then check the mobile on the crate there.

Follow the marker to reach the park. Search the park for the trumpet player. You will find him on the corner of the park as shown in the picture below.

Follow the marker to reach the Keynote Music. Then you will get the objective to find the shop owner. Scan the sledgehammer embedded in the window. Then scan the markings on the ground. Follow it and it will lead you to the burglars as shown in the pictures below. Defeat them to complete the mission.

2) Hard Bop

Defeat the enemies on the roof of the building shown in the picture below. Then chase a car to catch Darren. This will complete the mission.

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