All 2 Luxurious Chests in Mawtiyima Forest | Genshin Impact 3.0

This guide shows where to find the luxurious chest at Mawtiyima Forest in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. There are two luxurious chests in Mawtiyima Forest.

#1 Luxurious Chest

Arrow 1 – Mawtiyima Forest

Go to the location marked on the map below to find the first arrow on the mountain wall.

You will find a mushroom nearby. Hit the mushroom using an Electro character to activate it. 

Defeat all the enemies nearby and again activate the mechanism to light up the arrow.

Arrow 2 – Gandha Hill

Go to the location marked on the map below and eliminate all the enemies nearby.

Summon Dendrograna from nearby and then hit the stone wrapped in roots with a Dendro Character to reveal a mechanism.

Next hit the tree again with an Electro character to show the mechanism. finally activate the mechanism. Note: there are three big stones wrapped in roots but only one stone has the mechanism under its root. Hit all stones with an Electro character to activate it.

Arrow 3 – Chatrakam Cave

Go to the marked location to find a scorched Bouncy Mushroom. Hit the mushroom using a Dendro character to activate it. 

Hit the mushroom again with an Electro Character. When you hit the mushroom with an Electro Character, then it will activate the mechanism nearby.

Activate the mechanism. Next, jumping on an activated Bouncy Mushroom. Look up and use the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach far above and collect the Dendroculus.

This will glow the last arrow.

Luxurious Chest #1 – Location

Once all three arrows are activated, go back to the marked location as per the above map to find a Luxurious Chest. Defeat all nearby enemies to remove the seal around the chest.

#2 Luxurious Chest

Step 1

Head to the eastern teleport waypoint of Mawtiyima Forest and go northwest as shown on the map.

Step 2

Summon Dendrograna and hit the stone wrapped with roots two times. This will remove and break the stone and at the same time will create a seal in place.

Step 3

Shoot the flying Dendro object twice to break the seal and collect the mint plant it. Defeat all the enemies Spawn in the area.

Step 4

Finally, use a four-leg Seelie to travel to the other side of the mountain across the valley. In the end, you will arrive at top of a mountain with a Luxurious chest.

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