All 3 Kory Drums Locations in Genshin Impact 3.6

This guide will assist you in locating all three Kory Drums in the new Sumeru region, introduced in patch 3.6, during the second quest “Awakening’s Real Sound“. The world quest requires you to explore Gavireh Lajavard and the Realm of Farakhkert to find the drums.

Kory Drum Location 1

The first Kory Drum is located North of the Vourukasha Oasis. You’ll have to glide down to reach the depths of the mountains. To acquire Kory Drum-1, you’ll need to complete the Trial of Submerged Waves, which is divided into three separate trials.

Trial Of Submerged Waves #1

To begin the trial, interact with the giant bell, which will summon four Dendro Particles at a distance. You can utilize the red four-leaf symbol to grab these particles straightaway. However, if you’re finding it difficult, use Sorush to shift the Four-Leaf Sigil toward the end of the Dendro Particle line. Afterward, return to the Traveler and use the relocated Special Four-Leaf Sigil to gather all four Dendro Particles.

Trial Of Submerged Waves #2

Activate the second bell to summon four Dendro Particles. Interact with the four-leaf symbol overhead and collect each Dendro Particle as you glide downwards. If you miss any particles, repeat the same step again.

Trial Of Submerged Waves #3

Activate the third bell to summon eight Dendro Particles and two Four-Leaf Sigil. You can utilize these two red four-leaf symbols to grab Dendro particles. However, if you’re finding it difficult, use Sorush to shift the Four-Leaf Sigil.

After completing all three trials, the water within the giant cave will eventually be drained out. At this point, you can pick the Kory Drum located at the end of the cave.

Kory Drum Location 2

The second Kory Drum is located on the west side of the Vourukasha Oasis. Interact with the electrified bell to start the trial. Defeat all of the enemies within the time to complete the trial and obtain the Kory Drum.

Kory Drum Location 3

The third Kory Drum can be found on the western side of the Realm of Farakhkert, to the west of the Gate of Zulqarnain. To initiate the trial titled “Trial of Fluorescent Flame,” interact with the Red bell. During the trial, you’ll have to light up all Bright Flame Altars before the fire extinguishes.

Follow Sorush from one location to the next within the allotted time. Each location has two torches on both sides, making it easier to locate them. After lighting up all seven locations, collect the Kory Drum.

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