Scarlet Lodge Achievement: All 5 Book of Secrets Locations (Lust from Beyond)

Where to Find all 5 Books of Secret inside Scarlet Lodge?

Collecting 5 Books of Secrets revealing the history of the Scarlet Lodge will unlock the Scarlet Lodge Achievement / Trophy.

Book 1: In Chapter 3. It’s inside the house with a blue door (left side of payphone). The key is kept on a loose wall brick to the right side of the door. [NOTE: You must get the key before entering the HOTEL or else the key will disappear]

Book 2: Chapter 4, inside Hotel Desire. You need to collect two detached hands of the toy Monkey.

      • In the bedside table of the room adjacent to yours (207). You will enter this room while fleeing from yours through the window.
      • After collecting the boltcutter (pincer) from room 108, turn right and go into the adjacent room. Collect the detached hand from the bedside table.

Attach both hands to the toy Monkey above the phone in the hotel lobby. This will unlock a cabinet on the left side of the phone. The book is inside it.

Book 3: Chapter 5, take a left once you enter the theater. The book is inside a chest in a room on the left side. Use pincers to unlock the chest and collect the book.

Book 4: Chapter 10, go to the last room of the corridor opposite the Hall of Whispers. Shift the curtain on the right side of the front wall to reveal a hidden room. Kill the cultist using a knife and collect the book from the table.

Book 5: Chapter 10, Inside the Hall of Whispers. It is on the table on the right side.


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