All 7 Batcycle Time Trials Locations | Gotham Knights

This guide will show you where to find all of the “Batcycle Time Trials” in Gotham Knights. The game includes seven Batcycle Time Trials. The Bat Out of Hell trophy or achievement is unlocked by completing all Batcycle Time Trials.

They become available after Main Case 03: In the Shadows. Then they will be marked on the map by white icons. These only spawn one at a time, so whenever you finish one, you must return to The Belfry (headquarters) to cause the next one to appear. If it says “Too Many Ongoing Crimes” you must first prevent other crimes in the district, particularly the ones marked red/orange.

Batcycle Time Trial #1 – North Gotham

Batcycle Time Trial #2 – Otisburg

Batcycle Time Trial #3 – Old Gotham

Batcycle Time Trial #4 – Tricorner Island

Batcycle Time Trial #5 – The Cauldron

Batcycle Time Trial #6 – Financial District

Batcycle Time Trial #7 – Bowery

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