All 9 Keys Location in Oddworld: SoulStorm

Oddworld: Soulstorm - All 9 Keys Locations

Keys are used to unlocked lockers in Oddworld: Soulstorm is locked. Few specific Sligs have these keys. You can be pick-pocketed these keys or are dropped if the Slig is killed. Abe can keep these Oddworld keys in his inventory also, more than that he can even use these keys when replaying earlier areas again.

There are 9 keys in the Oddworld: Soulstorm

    • Copper Square
    • Copper Round
    • Copper Triangle
    • Silver Square
    • Silver Round
    • Silver Triangle
    • Gold Square
    • Gold Round
    • Gold Triangle


Key Locations: Oddworld Soulstorm

1. Copper Square 

In Level/Chapter 2 – The Ruins.

You can find the key on the first Slig, right after the ‘Stun Mines’ tutorial. You will also get an objective to use ‘Stun Mines’ on a Slig.

2. Copper Round

In Level/Chapter 5 – Sorrow Valley.

It is in the secret area that needs to be opened with a flying Slig. There are 4 Sligs in the secret area and the key is with the last slig.

3. Copper Triangle 

In Level/Chapter 6 – Phat Station

You can pickpocket the key from the first sleeping Slig in Tank 1A

4. Silver Square 

In Level/Chapter 7- Hijack

You can find the key after defeating Slig Mama. The key is on the slig controlling the Slig Mam. Its dead body can be found right behind the destroyed Slig mama.

5. Silver Round

In Level/Chapter 9- Slig Barracks

This key is available right after the ‘Fizzy Pow’ tutorial. Found with a lone Slig on the far right side just below the secret area.

6. Silver Triangle

In Level/Chapter 11 – The Mines

You can pickpocket the key from the second sleeping Slig in the Power Station 2A.

7. Gold Square

In Level/Chapter 13 – The Escape

Key is with the Slig patrolling the central platform above holding pen 2 during Escape.

8. Gold Round

In Level/Chapter 14 – The Feeco Depot

The Key is with the Slig that prevents you from turning off the electric fence in Feeco Depot.

9. Gold Triangle

In Level/Chapter 16 – Brewery 

Bonus Lvl: Mission 16 (and 17) will be unlocked if you save 80% of the Mudokons in 12 or more levels.

Before the final train gate. Found on a minigun Slig that comes down with the elevator in X-tractor 3 of Brewery.

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