All Aerial Capture Locations – Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

This article will guide you on where to find all Aerial Capture in the Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores contain 6 Aerial Capture Locations and Finding all Aerial Captures unlocks the “Recovered All Aerial Captures” trophy.

Aerial Capture 1: North

Examine the improvised transmitter. Then follow The Focus trails that start right off the cliff.

Aerial Capture 2: Northeast

To begin the Focus trail, head east to find the trail’s starting location marked by red patches of grass.

Aerial Capture 3: East

The Focus trail’s starting location is in Pangea Park.

Aerial Capture 4: Northwest

The Focus trail’s starting location is right outside the hole in the wall you examine the improvised transmitter.

Aerial Capture 5: West

For this, you must first track and defeat Stomrbird up into the clouds. Let it destroy your bird and it will follow you back down to the ground, making it easier for you to eliminate it.

Loot the Stormbrid and then interact with the door of the building in the middle to find the transmitter. The starting point of the Focus trail can be found directly above the shore, adjacent to the campfire on the island.

Aerial Capture 6: South

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