All Artifacts Location in Connacht: AC Valhalla

Artifact #1: Ui Neill Artifact

You will have to go to the southern part of Connacht, where you will find a locked cave below a little hill. Blast the wooden wall. The cave is filled with combustible gas, through a fire torch inside for an explosion. Go inside the cave and look over a hole to find it. 

Artifact #2: To My Friend, The Priest Treasure Hoard Map 

Treasure Horde Map can be found north of Lough Rea lake in the southern region of Connacht. You can find the Hoard Map near the broken cart and some bodies at the location.

Treasure can be found in Kiltober, north of Lough Rea Lake where you find the Map. You’ll find the treasure buried in the center of the crypt. 

Artifact #3: Dream of Druids Treasure Hoard Map

This Treasure Horde Map can be found between Lough Rea lake and Lough Tuam lake. You can find the map near a small sacrificial altar crevice in some rocks that hide the treasure map.

Head to Lough Gara. There’s a small pond here in a circle of stone. You will find the treasure in the center of the pond.

Artifact #4: Connacht Treasure Hoard Map

This Treasure Horde Map can be found on a small rocky island Downpatrick Head. Island is located in the northern part of Connacht.

The treasure map is inside a big block by a wooden panel. You can grab a fire vessel from another side of the island and blast the blockage.

Treasure is on a small island to the North of Connacht and southeast of Port Auley. You need to find a well and destroy the wood covering, jump down to claim the treasure.

Artifact #5: Cursed Symbol 1/2

It is located in the lake area of Lough Tuam as pointed on the map. Cursed Symbol which is nested on a platform halfway up the biggest tree. Simply shoots it from the ground or climb one of the wooden for a better view to shoot.

Artifact #6: Cursed Symbol 2/2

It is located in the northern area of Connacht, In the mountain area of Ben Bulben. Scan the pit to locate the Cursed symbol location and shoot it.

Artifact #7: Irish Cycle Page 1/2

It is located in the western part of Connacht near Lough Mask as shown on the map. Enter into the house and break the wooden panel covering a small hole in the floor, to collect it.

Artifact #8: Irish Cycle Page 2/2

It is located in the Asfinn Island of Connacht, north of the lake area. Collect the artifact kept on the table from outside the hut 

Artifact #9: Flying Paper

It is located in the Rathcroghan area of Connacht. Chase the paper across the rooftops for this Artifact.

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