All Artifacts Location in Meath | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

All Artifacts Location in Meath: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Artifact #1: Irish Cycle Page

You can find the Artifacts north of Liffey River, near the river’s bridge as shown on the map. Head into the house and use the ladder to climb the upper floor. Irish Cycle Page is over a wooden barrel.

Artifact #2: Flying Paper

You can find the Artifacts in the southwest corner of the Meath area and north of Liffey River as shown on the map.

You need to climb the rooftop of the house and Chase the flying paper. Initially paper would be flying above the chimney.

Artifact #3: Cursed Symbol 1/2

You can find the Artifacts in the central region of the Meath area. Head inside the church and climb up the tree. Aim at the cursed symbol behind the wooden barricade and shoot it.

Artifact #4: Southern Ui Neill Hoard Map & Treasure

Head to a camp in the center of Meath. First, clear all of the enemies and check inside the tent to find the treasure map.

Go to the Northern edge of Meath (across Kells Abbey ) there’s a small piece of land west of Tullagh Laght as shown on the map. There’s a group of stones at this location. You will find the treasure east of the central pillar.

Artifact #5: Brega Hoard Map & Treasure

Head to the North Eastern area of Meath across Tullagh Laght. There are some broken carts surrounded by wolves. You can find the Brega Hoard Map Treasure on the ground near a chest.

You can find the treasure near a circular structure as marked on the map, just north of Boyne Tomb. Treasure is on the South East side of the structure buried near twigs hugging the side of the rock

Artifact #6: Potion of Strength Treasure Hoard Map

This treasure Hoard Map can be found on a large island in the southwest of Meath, right on the border with Connacht. You can find the map inside a hut with a large red-color cauldron in front. Break the door of the hut, and you’ll find the map on the table on the right.

Hoard Map

You can find the treasure on the same Island. It is located on the northwest corner of the island near large standing stones.

Artifact #7: Ui Neill Artifact

You can find the Artifacts in the western region of the Meath area, south of the Knockfree area.

Head inside the underground area. At the end Artifact is behind the wall blocked with a wooden panel, Use a fire arrow to blow the wall or get a fire barrel from the adjacent room by climbing the all.

Artifact #8: Cursed Symbol 2/2

You can find the Artifacts in the northeast region of the Meath in Tullagh Laght.

You can enter the cave area directly. First head back to the other side of the hill. You will find a small hole on the wall. Shoot an explosive arrow through it to blow up the wall on the other side. Reach the other side to reveal the artifact.

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