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This guide shows the location of all Berserker Gravestones in the God of War Ragnarok. There is a total of 10 Berserker Gravestones in the game. Defeating all bosses at Berserker Gravestones unlocks the Grave Mistake Trophy trophy. God of War Ragnarok has 10 Berserker Gravestone Locations, containing a total of 13 Berserkers

Note: Additionally, in order to interact with “Berserker Gravestone”, you need the story item “Inert Hilt of Skofnung,” which is automatically acquired in Mission 9: The Word of Fate.

This guide is meant to be used after you’ve finished the story. When you first visit the region you will be lacking unlockable skills like a spear weapon, etc.

1) Svartalfheim, Nidavellir: Hardrefill the Callous

2-4) Alfheim, The Barrens

Go to the eastern side of the region to find Berserker Gravestone. This is a triple fight with two enemies – Svipdagr the Cold and Sisters of Illska. The Sisters of Illska will share a health bar. The sisters will be flame and frost enchanted, while Svipdagr will use dual axes.

5) Vanaheim, Pilgrim’s Landing

Hvitserkr the Bold boss spawns as you land on Pilgrim’s Landing.

6) Svartalfheim, Alberich Island – Beigadr the Feared

7) Midgard, Lake of Nine: Fraekni the Zealous

8-9) Svartalfheim, Jarnsmida Pitmines: Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome

You need to fight two bosses.

10) Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands: Hjalti the Stolid

11) Vanaheim, The Sinkholes: Haklangr the Bearded

Note: To get this, you must flood the crater by completing Return of the River favor.

The gravestone is at the location shown in the picture below. As you reach the location, you will see a dragon sitting on a pillar. Destroy the pillar the dragon is sitting on with your spear. Then destroy the second pillar the dragon sits on. This will start The Burning Skies Favor. Now go back to the dock near The Sinkholes mystic gateway and hop on the boat. Row the boat back to the area where you destroyed the pillars the dragon was sitting on. Dock the boat as shown in the second picture below and climb up the stairs on the right side to reach the platform the dragon was on to find the gravestone.

12) Niflheim, Mist Fields: Skjothendi the Unerring

13) Midgard, King’s Grave: King Hrolf Kraki

The final Gravestone at King’s Grave in Midgard will activate only after defeating all other 12 Berserkers.

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