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  • Post published:October 22, 2023
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This guide shows the location of all collectibles in the Chinatown district in the Spiderman 2 game, which released on 20 October 2023. The list of Chinatown Collectibles is shown below.

  • 2 Marko’s Memories
  • 2 Photo Ops
  • 3 Spider-Bots
  • 1 Unidentified Targets
  • 1 Symbiote Nests
  • 1 Mysterium
  • 1 EMF Experiment
  • 1 The Flame Missions

1) Marko’s Memory: Looking For Answers

The initial crystal in Chinatown can be found on the southwestern edge of the area, tucked in the corner of an alleyway.

2) Marko’s Memory: A Trap

The second crystal in Chinatown is situated in the district’s northern section, located in the northeast corner of a lower rooftop near a red door.

3) Photo Op: Checkmate

Snap a picture of the two people playing chess.

4) Photo Op: The Little Taiyaki Cart

Capture a photo of the food cart.

5) Spider Bot 1/3

You’ll spot this Spider-Bot in the air, just to the south of the bridge’s starting location. The easiest way to reach it is by gliding down from the much taller building to the west.

6) Spider Bot 2/3

It is located on the west side of the building 

7) Spider Bot 3/3

It is located on the east side of the building near a large mural.

8) Unidentified Target

It will be unlocked after Main Mission 18: Wings of My Own. To complete the Unidentified Target, go to the marked location and use Webwings to follow the drone until the download is 100% complete.

9) Symbiote Nest

It is unlocked after Main Quest 28: Set Things Right. The location is shown in the picture below. You need to approach the nest and plant Sonic Burst on it. At this point, you will be attacked by waves of enemies and a timer will start. Defend the Sonic Burst from the enemies and when the timer ends it will blow up, destroying the Symbiote Nest.

10) Mysterium (Fight on Time)

The location is shown in the pictures below. For gold, you need to perform 6 finishers within 3:30 minutes.

11) Little Tokyo Plant Science EMF Experiment

You start this EMF Experiment by interacting with the terminal in the roof garden at the location shown in the pictures below. Your first objective will be to collect three plant specimens.

Scan by pressing the right joystick (R3) to see the vines in orange color. Then follow the vines to collect three specimens. One specimen is on the west side of the building, one on the east and one on the south side of the building as shown in the pictures below.

After collecting the specimens, go back to the terminal and solve the Plant Attributes puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you need to place the Hex genes in the correct empty slot. Each side of a Hex Gene will have either 1,2,3, or 4 lines. Only the hex genes with the matching sides can be placed next to each other. For example, the side with two lines can only be attached to another Hex Gene’s side with two lines. The puzzle is randomly generated. The solution to the puzzle that I got is shown in the second picture below.

Your next objective will be to prep F.E.A.S.T Garden. Go to the water tank and press L1+R1 to pull the valve and get the water flowing. Now follow the pipe and fix the leaks by firing webs (Hold L2 + Press R1). Six leaks are inside the garden and are very easy to spot. The final leak is outside on the west side as shown in the second picture below. Fixing all the leaks completes the experiment.

12) The Flame Mission (Everything Burns)

It unlocks after you have completed the Financial District Flame Mission (Where Have You Been). Go to the location shown in the pictures below to start the mission. Enter the building and take down the cultists. Look at the photo on the table. Then use the vent to reach the next room. Defeat the enemies there and interact with the door. After this, your next objective will be to Search for Clues to Open the Door (Video Walkthrough). Scan the whiteboard and the posters on the wall. Then scan the cultist’s corpse on the floor and check their tattoo design. After you find the correct corpse, carry it to the door and use it to open the door. Defeat the enemies in the next room. Jump through the hole in the wall to reach the next area and defeat the enemies there. Scan the wires on the wall and it will lead you to a terminal. Press the button on the terminal to release the prisoners. Then defeat the remaining cultists to complete the mission.

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