[VAMPYR] Pembroke Hospital – Local Investigations

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1. Missing Ingredients (Both Outcomes)

1:15 Reach the Pharmacy
2:07 Search for Strickland’s order
2:14 H. G. Griffin Boss Fight
3:35 Tell what happened to Strickland
4:59 Gather the ingredients & formulate the medication
5:36 Bring the medication to Thoreau Strickland
7:50 Report Thoreau Strickland to Dr. Ackroyd

2. Wrong Target

0:05 Talk to Thelma Howcroft.
1:36 Find out who is spying on Thelma Howcroft.
2:54 Find the local command post of the Guard of Priwen.
6:04 Steal the reports leading to the Pembroke Hospital.
6:40 Reassure Thelma Howcroft about the spies.

3. Burn After Reading (Both Outcomes)

This citizen quest is given by Mortimer Goswick who is a patient in Pembroke Hospital. Wait for his mother (Beatrice Goswick) to lock the room from inside. When she does that, go outside their room and use your vampyr abilities to eavesdrop on their conversation. Afterwards, talk to Mortimer and offer your help to obtain the quest. He will give you the key to his house and will ask you to bring him his letter before anyone else sees it. After you obtain his note you will have two options to end the local investigation. You can either give the letter to Mortimer Goswick or to Beatrice Goswick. It’s your choice.

4. Claustrophobia

Newton Blight who is near the canal in front of Pembroke hospital has lost his friend in the sewers and seek your help. Go into the sewers and you’ll come across a panicking man (Oswald Thatcher) who is being attacked by skals. defeat the skals and save the panicking man to complete the local investigation.

5. The Harder They Fall

While you are inside the old Morgue during the main quest “night shift” get the key to the basement and go to the basement. There is a room with a body on the table. Read the report on the stool near the body and then examine the body. After that go to the front of the Pembroke hospital and interrogate nurse Branagan and doctor Tippets about the medical error to complete the local investigation.

6. Tool of the Trade

You will find a Crumpled Letter in the tents in front of the Pembroke Hospital. Pick up the letter & Read it to reveal a hint about Clay Cox. Now, talk to Clay Cox and ask him about his wife’s letter and offer him your help in finding the knife.

Head south from the hospital to the bridge that takes you to the docks. The knife is located on the pier to the right of the bridge. To access the pier, you will need to look for an alleyway between the green grocer and bookstore. Enter the alleyway to find a set of stairs heading down to the pier. At the bottom of the steps swing right to find the knife in a trunk under one of the archways.

7. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Talk to Milton Hooks outside Pembroke Hospital to start the local investigation. You need to find and enter the  backyard garden, kill the enemies there,  find the lost wallet and bring it back to Milton Hooks to complete the local investigation.

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