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Where to Find All 9 Clowns Figurine (Lust from Beyond)

There are a total of 9 clown statues that you need to collect to unlock the “I Hate Clowns” Trophy/Achievement

Clown 1 (Chapter 3/5):
In the dark alley behind your car. It’s on a box in the left corner.

Clown 2 (Chapter 3/5):
Above the dustbin in front of Hotel Desire (behind the ticket counter).

Clown 3 (Chapter 3): It’s inside the house with a blue door (left side of payphone). The key is kept on a loose wall brick to the right side of the door. [NOTE: You must get the key before entering the Hotel or else the key will disappear]

Clown 4 (Chapter 3/5):
Above a stall in front of the payphone.

Clown 5 (Chapter 3/5):
Above the stairs before entering the Doctor’s office compound.

Clown 6 (Chapter 3/5):
Outside Flamingo Night Club. This area is behind the Doctor’s Office from where you collect his flyer.

Clown 7 (Chapter 5):
As soon as the chapter begins, you take the knife and leave the room. The clown figurine can be found in the left corner above the wooden planks.

Clown 8 (Chapter 3/5): The first floor of Willie’s Food Fresh. The figurine is under the stairs on the right side.

Clown 9 (Chapter 5): 2nd floor of Willie’s Food Fresh. Figurine is in the locked chest which can be opened with the bolt-cutters (pincers) that you acquire in Chapter 4.

After collecting all 9 clown figurines, go to the treasure counter which is just outside the Hotel Desire (on the right side of the main gate). Use the clown figurines to unlock the secret compartment and collect the reward.

REWARD: 4 bottles of POTION (Using the potion restores 1 point of health & 1 point of sanity. There may be additional, unforeseen effects).


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