All CraiggerBear Locations: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

This page of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a step-by-step guide about the CraiggerBears, including their locations and on how to find all 9 CraiggerBears. CraiggerBears are a type of Collectible and look like teddy bears. Each planet contains exactly 1 CraiggerBear. There are 9 planets and 9 bears in total. The CraiggerBears are linked to the “UnBEARably Awesome” Gold Trophy. CraiggerBears are only Collectible in the game that aren’t marked on the map.

Corson V (Nefarious City)

It is located in the eastern area of the market. Head to the stall with a violet color sunshade and a robot in it. CraiggerBear is a small teddy bear sitting on the counter

Sargasso (Outpost L51)

You can collect CraiggerBears in Sargasso Planet only after defeating Seekerpede in Boss fight. Head back to Rivet’s Hideout, follow the path going to the right side inside the cave. Keep walking along the linear path. Once out of the cave area, you can be located CraiggerBears sitting on a sofa.

Scarstu Debris Field (Zurkie’s)

The Craiggerbear is inside the Pocket Dimension at the North Side of the Planet (See picture below). Enter the Pocket Dimension and go to the Gastropub reception. There you will find the Craiggerbear sitting at the top of a box on the left side of the reception (See Picture Below) 

Savali (Urfdah Mesa)

You can find the CraiggerBear on the southernmost floating island of Savali. Here you need to quickly run using Hoverboot at maximum speed across the makeshift floating rock bridges before it fell. After hover booting to cross the first rock bridge, instead of taking a right to start along the second bridge, go around the wooden fence in front of you and down to the end of the lower area. The CraiggerBear will be here in front of three vases.

Blizar Prime (Blizon Mines)

This Craiggerbear is available as a reward for completing the side quest “Find the Missing Chef (Optional)”. After finding the Chef you must defend her honey machine from enemies, after this she gives you the Spybot. Also, you need to defeat all the enemies present in the area.

Torren IV (Molonoth Gulch)

The CraiggerBear is also on the main island (the island with Ms. Zurkon weapon vendor). To the South-East side of Ms. Zurkon you’ll see a shop with multiple TV screens. The CraiggerBear is on the counter of this shop (look on the left side of the counter). I have marked the location on the map as well as circle the craiggerbear on the map.

Cordelion (Kedaro Station)

You will get this Craiggerbear in the snowy dimension that you enter by hitting the first Blizon Crystal while doing the objective ‘Enter Kedaro Station’. After hitting the Blizon Crystal get down the stairs and then slide down three flights of stairs which are covered by snow now in the new dimension. After sliding the final flight of stairs the Craiggerbear is right behind the debris in front of you. Check the picture below to see the exact location of Craiggerbear.

Ardolis (Pirate Base)

This Craiggerbear is in the same room where you collected the previous Armor after completing the final Pirate Trial. After collecting the Armor, go straight ahead and you will find the Craiggerbear sitting next to a chest as shown in the picture below. 

Viceron (Zordoom Prison)

The CraiggerBear can be collected during the objective “free Ratchet and Kit”. You can collect it just after freeing Clank and the others. The CraiggerBear is on the bench inside the cell (room) in which other NPCs were being held captive. Just after freeing Clank check the room on the right (east) side. 

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