All Downtown Queens Collectible Locations in Spiderman 2

  • Post published:October 21, 2023
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his guide shows the location of all collectibles in the Downtown Queens district in the Spiderman 2 game, which was released on 20 October 2023. The list of Downtown Queens Collectibles is shown below.

1) Photo Ops – We’ll Treat You Like Family

Photo Op is on the west side of Downtown Queens. Take a picture of the Jirji’s Hummus store.

2) Prowler Stashes 

Go to the roof of the Building as shown in the picture below. Scan the panel there as shown in the second picture below and then stabilise the code by holding the yellow circles inside the grey boxes. Now climb up the antenna and press L1+R1 to pull up the panel, revealing a vent.

Go inside the vent. The path on the left will be blocked by lasers. Take the path going right. Crawl through the vent safely avoiding the lasers. When you approach a fan, use spiderweb to hold it and go across. Soon you will reach a lever as shown in the picture below. Pull down the lever. This will clear the lasers blocking the path on the left side of the vent entrance.

Go back to the vent entrance and this time take the path on the left side. Crawl through the vent safely avoiding the lasers. Finally, you will reach the Prowler Stash at the end of the vent as shown in the picture below.

3) Spider-Bots 1/3

This Spider-Bot is on the back wall of a house.

4) Spider-Bots 2/3

The Spider-Bot can be found to the north of the bridge and on the ground.

5) Spider-Bot 3/3

You can find this Spider-Bot perched on top of the building close to the AC units.

6) Mysterium Gold – Punch Your Ticket 

Challenge Goal: Beat the Brutes.
Gold Approach: To achieve gold, you must defeat 6 Brutes within 2 minutes.

7) Unidentified Targets

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