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Forbidden Forest: All 3 Merlin Trial Puzzles

This guide shows how to solve all Merlin Trial puzzles in the Forbidden Forest area of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. Solving Merlin Trials increases your gear capacity.

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1) Light Torches Merlin Trial

To complete the trial, you need to light up three torches nearby. One torch is on the west side. The second torch is on the North Side. The third torch is on the south side, behind a spider web. The location of all three torches is shown in the pictures below.

2) Moonlight Merlin Trial

After using the Mallowsweet, three stone pillars with moonlight gems will activate nearby. You will also find clusters of butterflies in the area. Go near the butterflies and use the Lumos spell, which will make them follow you. Take them to the stone pillar, which will light it up. Light up the three giant stone pillars to complete the Merlin Trial. All the stones and butterflies are very easy to locate, except for two clusters of hidden butterflies. One cluster of butterflies is behind some vines as shown in the second picture below. Burn the vines to reach the butterflies. Another cluster of butterflies is behind some rocks on the west side as shown in the third picture below. Break the rocks to reach the butterflies.

3) Stone Pillars Merlin Trial

Use Mallowsweet on the swirl symbol on the ground at the location shown in the pictures below to start the Merlin Trial. Now simply jump on the seven platforms in the front as shown in the second picture below to complete the trial. Remove the stones from the top of the pillars before you start jumping from one pillar to another.

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