All Golden Plushies Locations – Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show where you can find all the golden plushies in Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach. There are six gold plushies scattered all over Pizzaplex.

#1 Golden Sun

This is located south of Monty’s Gator Golf. Head to the entrance door at Level-1 and then turn right. You will find the Golden Sun inside the lighthouse as shown in the below map and image.

#2 Golden Freddy

You can find the gift box inside Monty’s Room behind the main atrium in Level-1. Refer to the below image and map for reference.

#3 Golden Moon

This is located as marked on the map. Video link
Golden Moon Plushies is located at Daycare Faz Theater. You will find a secret door behind the Pirate painting/portrait as shown below. This secret door will open by taking 4 specific photos using Faz Camera.

Photo 1:
In the basement of the daycare theater.

Photo 2:
South of Monty Golf, diagonally across the lighthouse.

Photo 3:
In the backstage area.

Photo 4:
Located in West Arcade. Proceed into the long hallway beyond the Security Room.

#4 Golden Monty

This is located on the ground floor in the bowling room as marked on the map. Go inside Bonnie Bowl at level-3 and head downstairs through the door just opposite to Ice Cream-Bonnie Bowl-Drinks counter.

#5 Golden Chia

Located in the Basement-1. Take the elevator behind the Icecream shop at Level-1 to reach Basement-1. From the elevator follow the hallway and take a left turn to reach a big hall/kitchen. You will find the gift box in one corner as marked on the map.

#6 Golden Roxy

This is located in the maintenance tunnel of Basement-1 as marked on the map. You’ll need Monty’s claws to open a locked gate. You will find the gift box is behind the flashlight charger.

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