How to get All Hidden Moves in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl (BDSP), players can make use of hidden moves (HM) in their venture to fill their Pokédex and fully explore the region of Sinnoh. There is a total of 8 Hidden Moves in the game. This guide shows how to get all Hidden Moves in Pokemon BDSP.

1) How to get ‘Rock Smash’ Hidden Move

On your way to Oreburgh City, you will have to go through Route 203 on the northeast side of Jubilife City. At the end of Route 203, you will enter a cave (Oregurgh Cave) as shown in the picture below. Click here to see how to reach Oreburgh City.

After entering Oreburgh Gate, talk to the ranger standing right in the front as shown in the picture below. He will give you TM98 containing the Rock Smash Hidden Move. He will also add a ‘Hidden Moves’ app to your Poketch. To use the hidden move, you will first need the Gym Badge from Oreburgh City.

2) How to get ‘Cut’ Hidden Move

Go to the highlighted location in Eterna City as shown in the picture below. As you reach the location, a cutscene will start in which an NPC named Cynthia will give you Technical Machine (TM) containing the ‘Cut’ Hidden Move. You won’t be able to use the move until you have obtained the Forest Badge from Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia. Click here to see how to solve Eterna City Gym Puzzle.

3) How to Get ‘FLY’ Hidden Move

To get the ‘Fly’ Hidden move, first, you need to defeat Veilstone City Gym leader and get the Cobble Badge. Click here to see how to solve the Veilstone City Gym Puzzle.

After you come out from the gym, you will run into Dawn. Dawn will ask you for some help to fight against Team Galactic to get her Pokedex back.

Go to the northeast portion of Veilstone City, where you will find Galactic Warehouse as shown in the picture below. Defeat the two Team galactic blocking the path to the warehouse. Defeating them will get Dawn her Pokedex back. This will also clear the path to the warehouse. Now proceed and enter the Galactic Warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, you will see TM94 on the ground right in front of you. You will get the ‘FLY’ hidden move from TM94. However, you will need to teach it to a Flying Pokemon. Once you have ‘FLY’, simply open the map and click on any previously visited place to fast travel there.

4) How to get ‘Strength’ Hidden Move

To get the ‘Strength’ Hidden Move, enter the Lost Tower in Route 209 south of Solaceon Town as shown in the picture below. Go to the top of the tower and talk to the old lady there to get TM96 that gives you ‘Strength’ Hidden Move. You won’t be able to use ‘Strength’ until you have the 6th Gym badge (Mine Badge) by defeating Canalave City Gym Leader.

Once you have the ‘Strength’ Hidden Move, you will be able to move the grey boulders, which will help you access many inaccessible areas.

5) How to get ‘Defog’ Hidden Move

Once you make it to Pastoria City, talk to the receptionist on the left, to take part in the Great Marsh Safari Zone. This move will cost a small fee to purchase.

Enter the game, and talk to the green-haired NPC that stands on the right side. After that, you’ll be able to use the move from your Poketch to clear away the fog that hinders your progress in a certain route like 210. You wont be able to use this move until you have defeated Pastoria City Gym leader.

6) How to get ‘Surf’ Hidden Move

Players will get HM Surf in Celestic City. First, A player will need to confront the Team Galactic member blocking the entrance to the ruins and defeat him in battle. The Galactic Team members will be forced to leave the entrance as a result of this.

Examine the paintings inside the ruin. Cynthia’s grandmother appears and speaks to you at this time. Give her the Old Necklace, then proceed to the ruins and interact with the mural. Cynthia’s grandmother will tell you about the painting and give you HM Surf here. Surf, like other HM, can only be used outside of combat after defeating a specific Gym leader, Fantina of Hearthome City (5th Gym Leader).

7) How to Get Rock Climb Hidden Move

To get the ‘Rock Climb’ Hidden Move, you need to progress further into the main campaign till you reach Route 217 as shown in the picture below. to be able to reach here, you will need to get “Strength” and “Defog” Hidden Moves.

After reaching Route 217, go straight ahead as shown below.

Just after a little while, you will reach an area with a blizzard and you will find it difficult to move forward. Here you will see a bunch of snow-covered trees on the left side as shown below. Cross the trees and turn left.

Stick to the left side wall of trees and keep moving ahead as shown below.

Soon you will reach a small hut as shown in the picture below. Behind the wall, you will see TM100. Collect it to get the ‘Rock Climb’ Hidden Move. This move will help you move rapidly to the top of the rugged cliffside. You won’t be able to use this Hidden Move until you have defeated the next Gym Leader.

8) How to get ‘Waterfall’ Hidden Move

To get the ‘Waterfall’ Hidden Move, first, you will need to defeat Sunyshore City gym Leader and get the eighth badge (Beacon Badge).

Now go north from the Sunyshore City Pokemon center until you reach the beach area.

On the beach, you will find a girl named Jasmine. Talk to her and you will get TM99, which will give you the ‘Waterfall’ Hidden Move.

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