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  • Post published:October 21, 2023
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This guide shows the location of all collectibles in the Midtown district in the Spiderman 2 game, which released on 20 October 2023. The list of Midtown Collectibles is shown below.

  • 2 Marko’s Memories
  • 2 Photo Ops
  • 1 Prowler Stash
  • 3 Spider-Bots
  • 1 FNSM Request
  • 1 Mysteriums
  • 1 Unidentified Target

1) Marko’s Memory: The Beast Inside

This particular Marko’s memory can be found in the southwestern corner of the Midtown region, tucked away in the rear corner of an alleyway between two buildings.

2) Marko’s Memory: A Familiar Feeling

his crystal is located in the central part of Midtown’s eastern area, perched on the rooftop of a building just southeast of Grand Central Station.

3) Photo Op: We Havent Forgotten

Snap a photo of the people protesting in front of the Oscorp building.

4) Photo Op: Audition Place

Snap a picture of the wooden door behind the bus stand.

5) Midtown Prowler Stash

Go to the top of the Braxton Building and analyze their name for Prowler Code as shown in the pictures below. Then stabilise the code by holding the yellow circles inside the grey boxes as shown in the third picture below. 

Now move the logo underneath the name, revealing a vent as shown in the picture below. Go inside the vent. Crawl through the vent safely avoiding the lasers inside. When you approach a fan, use spiderweb to hold it and go across. Finally, you will reach the Prowler Stash at the end of the vent as shown in the second picture below.

6) Midtown Spider Bot 1/3

It is at the location shown in the pictures below.

7) Midtown Spider Bot 2/3

It is at the location shown in the pictures below.

8) Midtown Spider Bot 3/3

It is at the location shown in the pictures below.

9) FNSM Request (Photo Help)

This request will be available after you have completed Main Quest 13: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt. Talk to the woman on top of the building shown in the pictures below to start the request. After talking to her, interact with the newspaper near her. Then ride the bicycle to the marked location. Defeat the criminals there and retrieve the pictures. Then sell the pictures to JJJ to complete the request.

10) Mysterium (The Invisible Enemy)

The location is shown in the pictures below. For gold, you need to perform 6 finishers within 2:10 minutes.

11) Unidentified Target

The location is shown in the pictures below. Use Webwings to follow the drone until the download is 100% complete.

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