All New Machine Locations | Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC

This article will guide you through all New Machine Locations in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC. Burning Shores contains 4 New machines.

Machine #1: Bilegut

Bilegut is a Toad-like machine located below the center of the map, which will be highlighted as an Unknown Bilegut Site. It can be found roaming on the island

Machine #2: Stingspawn

Stingspawn is a flying machine that the Bilegut spawns and can be found in the exact location where you got Bilegut

Machine #3: Waterwing

Waterwings can be found in the Waterwing Mount Site towards the bottom of the small island beside the center island.

Machine #4: Horus

The machine can be encountered as you advance through the final quest “His Final Act” of the game.  Players will be required to overheat and intercept the machine

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