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North Hogwarts: All 5 Merlin Trial Puzzles

This guide shows how to solve all Merlin Trial puzzles in the North Hogwarts region of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. Solving Merlin Trials increases your gear capacity.

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1) Destroy Small Balls Merlin Trial

The location of the Merlin Trial is shown in the picture below. Go to the marked location and use Mallowsweet on the swirl symbol on the ground to start the trial. After the trial starts, destroy the nine stone balls as shown in the second picture below to complete the trial.

2) Moonlight Merlin Trial

After using the Mallowsweet, three stone pillars with moonlight gems will activate in the area nearby. You will also find clusters of butterflies in the area. Go near the butterflies and use the Lumos spell, which will make them follow you. Take them to the giant stone pillar, which will light it up. Light up the three giant stone pillars to complete the Merlin Trial.

3) Light Torches Merlin Trial

To complete the trial, you need to light up three torches nearby. The location of all the torches is shown in the pictures below.

4) Repair Statues Merlin Trial

After using the Mallowsweet, three statues will break down. You need to use the Reparo spell and repair these three statutes to complete the trial. All the statues are near the trial location as shown in the pictures below.

5) Symbol Pillars Merlin Trial

As the trial starts, three pillars with symbols will become active. The pillars will have another stone cube with symbols placed above them. To complete this trial, you will need to use the Flipendo spell to flip the top stone such that symbol on the pillar and the stone match on all faces as shown in the second picture below. The first pillar is next to the trial. The second pillar is on the small island south of the trial. The third pillar is on the west side of the second pillar. The location of all the pillars is shown in the pictures below.

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