All Noxious Troll Sacs Locations in The Broken City | Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

This guide will show you where to find all 20 Noxious Trolls Sacs in the “The Broken City” Level of game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Noxious Trolls Sacs #1

The first Noxious Trolls Sacs can be found at the beginning of the level. Take the right turn at the first fork. Sac is walking across a field of growing ice spikes.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #2

Now, at the first fork, take the left turn and continue down the main path. After passing through the first gap, look to the right for Noxious Trolls Sac.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #3

Follow the main trail and use the portal to arrive at the new region. Noxious Trolls Sacs #3 can be found on the opposite side of the large open space, behind a giant block of rock, where an iron chain is linked. You will encounter few enemies in this area. defeat them all before taking this Noxious trolls sac.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #4-6

The following three sacs are rather easy to find. Follow the main trail to the next open region of Fallen Arena, where you must fight many large trolls in order to uncover the flame sword in the middle. Sac #4 can be located to the right in a cave that is a barricade. Break the wooden barricade to enter the small cave. Sac #5 is on the left, and Sac #6 is a little further ahead on the right. All three locations are marked on the map below.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #7

Head to the right from the last location, the next sac is on the main path. This should be pretty easy to locate.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #8

Follow the main story trail and use the portal to arrive at the new region. On the left, beneath a tree, there is a barred place. The sac can be found behind the barricaded area.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #9

You will get this sac right before the fight with Wrigglin’ Wolly. Staying on the main path you will see stairs to the right. Skip the stairs and continue going straight. The sac can be found behind a nearby pillar. I have marked the pillar.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #10-12

Follow the main path and take the stairs which you missed earlier to collect sac #10. You will see sac #10 ahead of you below a tree. Head in the right direction, Sac #11 is on the right below a tree and, sac #12 is behind a tree trunk. Locations are marked on the screenshot for reference.

Its actually #10,#11 & #12

Noxious Trolls Sacs #13

The next sac can be found on the right road, immediately after Kelvin’s Courtyard.  Follow the storyline path until you reach a region with a large round building to the left (with an attribute point in it); the sac is near the building’s entrance.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #14

Head inside the big round building with the attribute point. Break that barricade at the entrance of the round building. You will find the sac behind the falling lava.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #15

Follow the main story trail and use the portal to arrive at the new region. As you reached a new area, look to the right for a sac near some rocks.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #16-17

As soon as you exit the portal and enter the new area. If you look straight ahead, there are two sacs near the pillar at the distance. I have marked the pillar and sacs location on the below image. One sac is at the front and another sac is at the back of the pillar.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #18

Straight from the portal site, take a left down the steps (ramp), then another left at the bottom to reach the sac near the cliff. (or from the previous sac location go toward the portal and take right down the stairs)

Noxious Trolls Sacs #19

Jump up and stick to the right from the previous sac to find a cave lever handle on the table. Now turn right and drop down, then turn left to find a sac near the cliff’s edge. I’ve pinpointed its location on the map.

Noxious Trolls Sacs #20

In the down area where you found sac #19 and look for an underground cave. You need to use the lever handle to open the cave gate. Sac is located behind a bunch of barrels in the underground section.

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