All 2 Ruin A-01 Chests Location in Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows where to find chests at Ruin A-01 in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022. There are two chests at Ruin A-01.

#1 Ruin Chest

Head to the Ruin A-01 is located west of Ring of Echoes and enter inside the ruins.

Inside the ruins interact with the ‘Smart Servant Peanut’ on the left and then activate the Enchanted Cube-type Relic in the middle of the room. You will obtain a missile barrage.

Use the missile barrage to destroy the breakable wall on the right that contains the first chest.

#2 Ruin Chest

Use the missile barrage to break the first wall if not broken earlier and then go inside. Get rid of all the enemies within and destroy the breakable wall once more.

Collect the chest behind the wall.

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