All Seeing Eye – Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Resistance Mission)

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline reintroduces two popular Watch Dogs characters as playable heroes. You will be able to complete 10 major missions and 19 sidequests (resistance) in the Bloodline expansion. This walkthrough will show you how to solve all of the area objectives and the puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC’s side mission All Seeing Eye. All Seeing Eye is one of Clair’s Requests. To see the solution to the puzzle, click on the video link at the bottom of the page.

Objective:  Talk to Claire Waters

Claire Waters may be located beside a sundial in the City of London. Proceed to the location shown on the map. Claire Waters will inform us that Mr. Miles has some crucial documents relating to the London attack and is willing to trade them in exchange for a favor. She has arranged for you and Mr. Miles to meet (police officer)

Objective: Talk to Miles

Proceed to the meeting spot to meet Mr. Miles (Police Officer). He needs your assistance in tracking down Cora Taylor and downloading her itinerary because she is connected to the London bombing.

Objective: Locate Cora Taylor using profiler

Cora Taylor is in the City of London, near the Swiss Tower. Go to the indicated location. To find Cora Taylor, you must utilise a profiler on various women. She is actually standing next to her white car.

Objective: Download Cora’s Schedule

She will attempt to flee while you try to download her schedule. Hack her car to halt it while the download is taking place. As Cora is an ordinary woman, you will notice something suspicious about Mr. Miles after the download.

Objective: Reach Mile’s Flat & Access the ctOS hub

To gain access to Mr. Miles’ apartment, hack into the ctOS server. The coordinates are already indicated on the map. Launch the multi drone to hack into the ctOS server.

Objective: Hack Mile’s devices

First, break into Mr. Miles’ tablet, and then the security camera near the AC. Hack the camera in the adjacent room with the half-open door to discover that Mr. Miles is nothing more than a stalker. Hack into another tablet that is laying on the bed to listen to Miles’ voicemail to Cora.

Objective: Neutralize Miles

To get rid of Miles, go to the Albion location marked on the map. Mr Miles is on the roof, and the entire area is tightly guarded. You can summon a cargo drone to fly directly to Mr. Miles’s rooftop and eliminate him.

Objective: Download Mile’s Documents

After you have killed Mr. Miles, you will be attacked by an Albian force. Before fleeing the area, sneak in and download all of Mr Miles’ files.

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. If you have a Season Pass, the expansion is included; otherwise, you can purchase this DLC bundle separately. To play the main campaign or Online mode as Wrench or Aiden Pearce, you must have a Season Pass.

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