All Unwritten Tales Locations | Common Courtesy Trophy Guide | Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island

Common Courtesy is a bronze trophy in Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island DLC. You need to discover the locations and complete all unwritten tales on Iki island to get the ‘Common Courtesy‘ trophy. Unlike the other tales in the game, ‘The Unwritten Tales’ are not marked on the map and are not added to your Journal. These stories usually required you to assist some side characters (NPC) on Iki Island. This walkthrough will guide you through all the six unwritten tale locations and how to solve them.

#1 Unwritten Tale: Bury Ship Captain

Head to the northern beach as marked on the map. You will find the crashed ship and the corpse of the captain on the ground. Interact with the corpse to bury it. It will trigger a small cut scene.

#2 Unwritten Tale: Hachibee the Beekeeper

Head to the south of Old Gambler’s Wood location on the western part of Iki island. The below image shows the exact location of the beekeeper. The beekeeper will inform that a large group of Mongols is coming for him as he used to supply honey to the local healer to help in treating wounds. After the cut scene, around 12-13 Mongols will raid the area. Eliminate all Mongols and talk to the Beekeeper again to complete this particular Unwritten Tales

#3 Unwritten Tale: Helping Kodama at Burned House

Head to the location marked on the map. You will find the burned house north of Senjo Gorge. Interact with the flag/banner outside the burned house to start a cutscene in which a lady named Kodama will speak to you. If you follow her, she will point out the purple-leafed trees where Mongols can be found.

Following that, you will get the prompt to survey the area. After surveying the purple-leafed trees, run uphill and eliminate all of the Mongols in the forest. You’ll hear Kodama laughing from behind the trees after you’ve cleared the area. Return back to the burned-out house, you will find a tree stump outside the burned house, where Kodama has left some supplies and a scroll. To complete the Unwritten Tale, read the scroll.

#4 Unwritten Tale: Rescue Peasants from Mongols near a Lake

The location of the lake is in the southern part of Iki island near Buddha’s Footprints. Your goal here is to head to the lake and save a group of Peasant from getting drown by the Mongols. There are 6-8 Mongols near the lake that you need to eliminate before they drown Peasant.

Potential bug & solution: According to some reports, few players didn’t receive the trophy after completing all six tales. If you do not receive the trophy after completing all six tales, return to this lake and run around it for a few minutes.

#5 Unwritten Tale: Archery Challenge at Raider Memorial

There are two requirements that must be fulfilled before you can participate in Archery Competition at Raider Memorial.

a. You must have completed at least one Archery Challenge before.
b. You must wear Tadayori’s Armor before you talk to the man by the bow rack. You can change your Gear under Gear > Outfit > Armor

Note: Tadayori’s Armor can be unlocked by completing Mythical Tale “The Legend of Tadayori” in the main game.
Head to the Raider’s Memorial, located in the southern part of Iki island. I have attached the map image for reference. At the ‘Raider Memorial’ speak with the man by the bow rack. He will not give you the Archery Challenge if you are wearing any armor other than Tadayori’s Armor. Next, complete the Archery Challenge with at least a bronze rating. Finish the archery challenge with a Bronze rating to trigger a cutscene.

#6 Unwritten Tale: Retelling Legends Mode Tale to Uta

To complete this Unwritten Tale, a player must complete the Legends Mode story (online). Legends Mode is Ghost of Tsushima’s online-only mode, and it requires an internet connection to play. Go to Yahata Forest, which is located on the eastern side of Iki Island. Speak with Uta, who is sitting in a hut in the Yahata Forest. When you first speak with her, she will instruct you to seek out Gyozen, the blind chronicler of legends.

Interact with her again immediately after the cutscene to tell her the Legends Mode story. If she gives you the item ‘White Kitsune Mask,’ this unwritten task is successfully completed. If you are unable to speak with her a second time, replay the previous story missions in online Legends Mode. Reload back into Iki Island and you should be able to talk to her.

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