All Wadi Al Majuj Sacred Seal Locations in Genshin Impact 3.4

Sacred Seals are items in Great Red Sand, Sumeru found in the Ruins of King Deshret. This guide will help you to find all the Sacred Seal locations at Wadi Al Majuj in the Genshin Impact 3.4.

Sacred Seals are used to restore Primal Obelisks.  Primal Obelisks are an exploration mechanic in the Great Red Sand, Sumeru, found in the ruins of King Deshret. Each Obelisk can be restored using six Sacred Seals scattered across the Great Red Sand. Selecting Mark Sacred Seals while standing next to an Obelisk will mark the map with the locations of nearby Seals near that Obelisk that the player has yet to collect.

Wadi Al Majuj Primal Obelisk

Drop down from Teleport Waypoint in the Wadi Al-Majuj and enter the cave to find the Primal Obelisk.

Sacred Seal 1

Inside the cave only, head north from the Primal Obelisk. Cross the gap to find the first seal.

Sacred Seal 2

Continue inside the cave to find the next seal near a waterfall.

Sacred Seal 3

Drop down to the bottom from Teleport Waypoint in the Wadi Al-Majuj. The seal is fitted inside the wall, half-submerged.

Sacred Seal 4

Continue south from the previous location to find a broken pillar. Climb up the pillar and enter a room on the right side. You can find the seal fitted inside the wall and above a torch.

Sacred Seal 5

Exit the previous room and climb up the wall on the left side. You can find the seal fitted inside the wall next to a primal construct in the Wadi Al-Majuj ruins.

Sacred Seal 6

Continue further down to find the next on top of a pillar.

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