All Wealth Location in Connacht | AC Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids

There are 18 Wealth points in the Connacht territory. The breakdown of Connacht Wealth includes:

    • 6x Tungsten Ingots
    • 4x Gear
    • 1x Book of Knowledge (Ability)
    • 7x Trade Post Supplies

Connacht Wealth #1-4: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Clonfert Abbey in the southern area of Connacht

    • Obtained as part of the raid. There are 4 chests are available in this raid
    • Two chests are two different huts, one in mini-church & in Main church

Connacht Wealth #5: Ceremonial Sickle

Location: Lackanscal in the southern area of Connacht.
The chest is near the ceremonial altar at the top of the hill.

Connacht Wealth #6: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Enemy outpost next to the Kiltober high point.

    • One of the enemies has the key, Use your raven/Odin’s Sight to find him.
    • The chest is inside the chapel next to a big tree.

Connacht Wealth #7: Tungsten Ingots 

Location: Taum, western border area of Connacht
    • As you enter the Tuam village, the wealth chest is located inside the first hut on the right side.
    • The door is locked from inside, you can enter the hut from the window on the right side.

Connacht Wealth #8: Book of Knowledge (Irish Wolfhound)

    • Firstly, after reaching the symbol location you will need to dive into the sinkhole.
    • Come out of the water and then squeeze through the gap in the wall and make your way through the tunnel.
    • Keep an eye on spikes trap on the floor when you drop down the ledge.
    • Go through the first door and the next door is locked from inside.
    • Use the crate on the left to climb on and then jump up to the hole in the wooden wall.
    • Defeat the Druids and finally go through the open iron gate to find this Ability.

Connacht Wealth #9 -10: Trade Post Supplies & Tungsten Ingots

Location: On a small island in the Shannon River, between Meath and Connacht border.

    • One of the enemies in this area is carrying Tungsten Ingots
    • Complete the raid to get Trade post supplies wealth.

Connacht Wealth #11: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Rathcroghan in Connacht.
The chest is inside a house on the south side of the town. 

Connacht Wealth #12: Celtic Armor

Location: Rathcroghan in Connacht.

    • The chest is in the heavily guarded hut at the top of the town. 
    • One of the guards near the bonfire has the key.

Connacht Wealth #13: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Enemy outpost on the western border of Connacht.

Enemy (camp leader) is carrying the wealth

Connacht Wealth #14: Druidic Breeches

Location: Kesh Corann

    • From the cave entrance climb up the ledge on the left. 
    • Once on top, there should be another cave entrance blocked by stone.
    • There are oil jars behind the barricade. Throw torches behind the barricade to blast the wall.
    • Once inside, climb down the ladders on the left and follow the cave path. 
    • Go through the crack in the wall on the right and then keep going through the tunnel until you reach the treasury that has the chest with the breeches.

Connacht Wealth #15: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Enemy camp along the Ballysadare River and north of Asfinn. Raid the camp

Connacht Wealth #16: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Enemy camp east of Cashelore just south of Black Pig’s Dyke. Raid the camp

Connacht Wealth #15
Connacht Wealth #16

Connacht Wealth #17: Cashelore Wealth Chest

Location: Cashelore in Connacht.

    • The chest is inside a Stonehouse directly in front of the main gate.
    • First, break the lock from the side grill wall and enter from another side.

Connacht Wealth #18: Celtic Breeches

Location: Cashelore in Connacht.

    • There are two wooden shelves in the second stronghold. 
    • Push the smaller shelf forward into the entrance, then move the larger shelf sideways so that you can enter. The chest is inside.

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