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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide: Ulster Wealth

There are 28 Wealth locations in Ulster. The breakdown of Ulster Wealth includes: 

    • 7x Tungsten Ingots
    • 5x Gear (Armor)
    • 3x Books of Knowledge (Abilities)
    • 13x Trade Post Supplies

Ulster Wealth #1-3: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Donegal, southwestern edge of Ulster

    • During the raid in Donegal, you can find trade post supplies inside three different houses.

Ulster Wealth #4: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Donegal, southwestern edge of Ulster

    • The Goliath is carrying Tungsten Ingots, kill and loot him.

Ulster Wealth #5: Druidic Bracers

Location: Donegal in Ulster

    • The chest is on the top floor, inside a large house near the center of town. 
    • You find some boarded windows. Shoot these windows and enter the house by climbing to get the bracers.

Ulster Wealth #6-9: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Lismore Abbey is located in the northwest corner of Ulster.

    • Under a stone staircase leading up to the main building, Main church Building, small church building & inside a hut.

Ulster Wealth #10-13: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Movilla Abbey, is on the east side of Ulster.

    • Inside two different hut, main church building, small church building.

Ulster Wealth #14: Druidic Helmet

Location: Movilla Abbey in Ulster

    • Go along the left of the main chapel to the doorway that’s closed with a steel grate. 
    • Use Odin’s Sight to shoot the lock inside.
    • The helmet piece is in a chest

Ulster Wealth #15: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Ruined tower on the small eastern shore peninsula of Ulster, Northeast of Rathdown Trading Post.

    • Shoot the hook holding the bag of blocks to make it fall. It will break the floor and let you get to the chest.

Ulster Wealth #16: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Enemy Camp on the eastern shore of Ulster, south of Movilla Abbey.

Ulster Wealth #17: Books of Knowledge ( Irish Wolfhound)

Location: Bally na Gall, an abandoned village along the Bann River.

    • The book is underground in the remains of one of the houses. Grab an oil jar from one of the nearby burnt buildings and blast the ground to reach the chest.

Ulster Wealth #18: Celtic Cloak

Location: Inch Lough Neagh in Ulster.

    • The chest is inside a red-color tent within the guarded camp (closest to the water).

Ulster Wealth #19: Books of Knowledge ( Vikingr Salute )

Location: Dunseverick in Ulster.

    • You need to go above the fortress’s main gate. Use the giant wheel and rope outside the main gate to lift you above to the required level.
    • Shoot the winch that attached boulders to make it fall it and open the floorboards. Head inside and interact with the book on a pedestal to get the Book of Knowledge.
    • Use the movable stone shelf to come out again.

Ulster Wealth #20: Tungsten Ingots

    • Shoot the door right of the hanging boulder and follow the linear path.
    • You can find the Wealth Chest inside a tent shop.

Ulster Wealth #21: Tungsten Ingots

Location:  Doon Daven, in northern Ulster along the Slaney River

    • The chest is next to a tent inside the camp.

Ulster Wealth #22: Books of Knowledge ( Smoke Bomb Arrow )

Location:  Clogher, central part of Ulster.

    • Enter the Clogher Regin from the Western side.
    • You will find a well-hidden breakable wall behind the house on the left.
    • Use a nearby red jar to blow up the door.
    • Go inside of the cave and pull a big moveable stone with handles on it, to make enough room for Eivor to slip through.
    • Slide inside the hole to find The Book of Knowledge.

Ulster Wealth #23: Trade Post Supplies

Location: Enemy camp on the southern border of Ulster along the intersection of Foyle River & Erne River.

Ulster Wealth #24: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Small enemy outpost on the southwestern tip of Ulster.

    • Kill the enemy carrying Tungsten Ingots

Ulster Wealth #25: Druidic Cloak

Location: Doon Fort in Ulster.

    • Head to the north part of the fort, and the chest will be inside a stone structure.

Ulster Wealth #26: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Enemy outpost on the northwestern tip of Ulster. North of Lismore Abbey.

    • Kill the enemy carrying Tungsten Ingots

Ulster Wealth #27: Celtic Helmet

Location: Aileach in Ulster

    • The chest can be found in an underground prison in a locked room in Ulster in the settlement of Aileach.
    • The door can be unlocked from above ground.
    • You’ll need to go above ground and into a red-colored tent that’s directly above the chest.
    • Shoot the lock through the metal grating on the ground.

Ulster Wealth #28: Tungsten Ingots

Location: Aileach in Ulster

One of the guards is carrying Tungsten Ingots

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