Wild West Jellyfish Fields: All Collectibles Locations in SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmic Shake

This article will guide you on how to get all collectibles in the Wild West Jellyfish Fields world of the game SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, which is released on 31 January 2023. There are 11 Coins, 5 Refreshments, 1 Spot Location, and 1 Golden Spatula in Wild West Jellyfish Fields world. All the collectibles cannot be collected during the first playthrough. You will have to play the game again to get all the collectibles. This article will guide you to all the collectibles in chronological order.

Available during First Playthrough

1) Coin #1 

Checkpoint: Riding School
It is in Mrs. Puff Riding Ranch. The coin can be found on the rooftop of the farm building as shown in the picture below. Use the jumping pads to climb it.

2) Golden Spatula

Checkpoint: Riding School
When facing the farm, turn to your right to locate the golden spatula on a platform with three tiki heads stacked on top. Refer to the below image to find the exact location.

To get there, climb up the wooden platform on the side of the mountain wall.

3) Coin #2

Checkpoint: Riding School
It is available during the first section on how to ride a seahorse. You have to ride past two trains quickly. Immediately after the second train takes the side path on the right to find the coin.

4) Coin #3

Checkpoint: Manta Fe 
After arriving at Manta Fe to talk to Sherriff, Climb up the rooftop of three buildings and press the switch behind the stack. You have to destroy the stack to reveal the button.

By pressing all three switches, three blue star platforms will appear, which you may use to reach the coin.

5) Coin #4

Checkpoint: Manta Fe
Go to the left end of Manta Fe to find a shooting gallery. Press the blue switch to start the shooting challenge. Your objective is to shoot a set of targets without shooting the horses to get the coin.

Available only in Second Playthrough

6) Spot’s Hiding Spot

Checkpoint: Canteen Hills
Dismount the seahorse after reaching the Canteen Hills. Look for a question mark signpost beside some cactus to your left.

Spot’s Hiding Spot may not be available during the first gameplay as you may lake some ability to unlock it. At the far end on top of the ledge, you will see two stacked tikis. At this spot, you will find the Spot’s Hiding Spot.

You have two activate the button on the adjacent platform to raise the jumping platforms.

7) Refreshment #1

Checkpoint: Jellyfish Trail
After the beginning of the level, you’ll reach a point where your objective is to “Find the Sheriff in Manta Fe”. You will see a set of blue tikis behind a pillar leading toward a waterfall. I’ve included a picture below. The refreshment may be found on the last tiki head.

8) Coin #5

Checkpoint: Jellyfish Trail
This location is at the same location where you get the objective “Follow Mrs. Puff”. Using the jumping pad, climb to the top of the platform. Press the purple switch and pass through the rings of fire. In the end, defeat all enemies. You’ll be transported back to the switch that contains the coin.

9) Refreshment #2

Checkpoint: Riding School
At Mrs. Puff Riding Ranch, climb up the giant pillar to get the refreshment.

10) Coin #6

Checkpoint: Riding School
Go to the left side to find a blue switch. Press the switch and surf your way through the rings of fire to unlock this coin.

11) Coin #7 

Checkpoint: Manta Fe
Climb to the top of the Manta Fe Jail and then jump to the left platform. Interact with the sling to launch yourself into a cemetery. Rescue and speak with the NPC at the top of the hill to begin the countdown. Kill all enemies to get a coin.

12) Refreshment #3

Checkpoint: Manta Fe
Climb to the top of the Manta Fe Jail and then jump to the left platform. Interact with the sling to launch yourself into a cemetery. The refreshment is behind the grave on top of the hill.

13) Refreshment #4

Checkpoint: Canteen Hills
After reaching the Canteen Hills, head to the right toward the wooden platform leaning out. Look down to find the refreshment at the end of the blue tiki heads.

14) Coin #8

Checkpoint: Canteen Hills
Available after the Canteen Hills checkpoint where your objective is to collect more Cactus Juice. descend off the main path to reach a sling. Use it to land on an island with some enemies awaiting you. Kill all enemies and then grab the coin.

15) Coin #9

Checkpoint: Sap the Gatherer
A switch is available after riding the seahorse a third time. Go to the left at the fork to find the switch. Press the switch and ride the hoverboards back to the switch to find the coin.

16) Refreshment #5

Checkpoint: Sap the Gatherer
The refreshment is on top of a pillar near the last cactus.

17) Coin #11

Checkpoint: Sap the Gatherer
Before the very last cactus, you will find a red switch. Press it multiple times to spawn some blue star platforms and a coin.

18) Coin #12

Checkpoint: Bullworm Mine
It is inside the cave. Press the switch and kill all enemies before the countdown to get a coin.

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