All Wildwing Otto Locations in Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows all Windwing Otto spawn locations in the Artificial Island in Tower Of Fantasy, which is released on 15th September 2022. Windwing Otto spawns randomly at five different locations.

Otto Possible Location 1 

Head to the Ring Arena and jump into the portal to teleport to Windwing Otto spawn location.

Otto Possible Location 2 

Head south of Ring Arena to find a portal near a Chowchow flower.

Enter into the portal to teleport and then fly to the top of the flat area on top of the big cliff to find Windwing Otto.

Otto Possible Location 3 

Head east from Base Zero and glide to the floating island to find Windwing Otto

Otto Possible Location 4

On top of a floating island, located east of the Eagle’s Nest.

Otto Possible Location 5 

On top of a floating island, located southeast of Puddle Lake.

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