Ancient Well: Clear the Corruption | Adira’s Love Puzzles | Kena Bridge of Spirits Fields Walkthrough

You will get the objective to ‘Clear the Corruption in the Ancient Well’ during the ‘Adira’s Love’ mission in the Fields area. This article shows how to solve the puzzles in Ancient Well and clear the corruption.

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Clear the Corruption in the Ancient Well

At the highlighted location you will find a few bombable platforms as shown in the second picture below. Bomb the platforms to levitate them.

You will find a switch and a flower on the levitated platforms as shown below. Shoot the switch to align the platform correctly. then use the blue flower to jump to the top of the platform.

Jump across the floating platforms to reach the wooden platform as shown in the picture below. Continue moving ahead on the wooden platform.

As you move ahead on the wooden platform, eventually you will reach a circular stone platform at the southern edge of the area. Near the circular platform, you will find two stone pillars as shown below.

Bomb the stone pillars for them to reveal their blue core as shown below. Shoot the blue core to power them up.

There is one more stone pillar for you to power up. The stone pillar is up on the mountain. To climb the mountain, bomb the rocks shown below so that they form floating platforms. use the floating platform to climb the mountain. Then look further above to see a stone pillar. Bomb the stone pillar for it to reveal its blue core as shown below. Shoot the blue core to power it up.

Once the three stone pillars are powered up, the circular platform will start descending down (see picture below) to reveal a spiral staircase leading to the underground area.

Go down the spiral staircase. Defeat the enemies as you reach there. Then destroy the corruption there and continue moving ahead in the underground cave. Eventually, you will reach a closed door. In front of the closed door, you will see a tear on the ground and a blue crystal above it as shown below. Shoot the blue crystal and water will drop on the tear. This will make the plant grow. Summon tear from the plant and use it to clear the corruption. This will make the door open. Now continue ahead.

A little ahead you will reach an area with corruption. Here you will have to destroy three blue bulbs to destroy the corruption. One of the three blue bulbs will be available to be destroyed (see the picture below) as you reach the area.

After you destroy the first bulb, few enemies will come out. Defeat them. Then throw a bomb on the rocks in the pit below. This will make the rocks levitate and form floating platforms. Jump on the floating platform to reach near the other two blue bulbs as shown below. Destroy these to blue bulbs. Once the three blue bulbs are destroyed, all the corruption will be cleaned and complete the objective.

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