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There are 21 Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6. The treasure hunts provide access to a variety of one-of-a-kind weapons required for the Armed to the Teeth trophy or achievement. Treasure hunts are generally small puzzle areas where you must complete a series of steps to gain access to a treasure chest.

“And the Beat Goes On…” is a Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6 where a player needs to explore a nightclub area inside the cave for treasure. There are no pre-requisites for Treasure Hunts. A player just needs to head the purple-colored treasure hunt icon and need to read the note that starts the treasure hunt.

Starting Location: And the Beat Goes On…

The treasure hunt “And the Beat Goes On…” starting location is in the “Cruz Del Salvador” sub-region of the Valle De Oro Region. Head to the treasure hunt starting point which is a cave located northeast of Segunda. I’ve marked the location of the treasure hunt starting point on the map. At the starting point read the letter posted on the cave iron gate.

Objectives: Get the USB Stick from the DJ Booth

As the treasure hunt begins, your goal is to Get the USB Stick from the DJ Booth. Blast through the wooden barricade to the right of the treasure starting note. Then head into the nightclub area inside the cave. 

Once you reach the main hall area you will find a locked door on the right that needs electricity to open. Now, look up to find a disco ball with a grapple point on the ceiling. Climb up there and then swing over to the platform with the switch. Pull the switch on the platform to turn on the power. I have attached images for reference.

When you turn on the power, the door in the nightclub area will be unlocked. Go through it, but be careful not to step into the electrified water. Climb the ledges with the blue cloth to enter the cave’s next section.

Climb the yellow ledges in the following cave section. A rope will also be seen running along the ledges. Follow the rope to find the path and look for other ledges. At the end of the upper ledges, you need to look behind and above you for a ledge with a blue cloth that you can jump up.

Now, you will be in another hall with a wet floor. Be careful not to step into the electrified water otherwise, you will get an electric shock. Head to the left where you see few plastic ducks. Jump or cross the hall when electricity isn’t active.

From here you need to climb to the very top via yellow ledges. Follow the rope running along the path (ledges) to look for other ledges and climb up. While climbing up you will see water falling down that gets electrified so you need to jump from one ledge to the next when the electricity isn’t active.

At the top, you find a new grappling point. Use it to climb down and swing over to rocks. Don’t fall into the water and time your jump when electricity isn’t active. Use the below images for reference.

Now, go up the stairs on the right and climb up the ledge with a blue cloth is.

Then look up again for another grappling point. This is the last jump you need to make, but there’s a waterfall between you and the other side. You need to time your jump in such a way that when you swing through the waterfall electricity is not active. That is jump when you see electricity and by the time you swing and reach the waterfall, the electricity gets disabled.

On the other side, you find the USB Stick – Ay Lola “La Figura and a Chest that contains a 1911 Pistol along with 150 XP. This will end the Treasure Hunt.

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