Antigonus World Quest | Enkanomiya | Genshin Impact 2.4 Walkthrough

This guide shows how to get and complete the ‘Antigonus‘ hidden world quest in Enkanomiya. By doing this quest you will get one of the five lost books required for the ‘Collection of Dragons & Snakes‘ world quest.

How to start the Antigonus World Quest

To start the quest, jump down the cliff at the west side of Dainichi Mikoshi as shown in the picture below. You will a ghost inside a small cave on the cliff wall as shown in the second picture below. Talk to the ghost to start the ‘Antigonus’ World Quest.

Talk to the afterimage in prison

Talk to the ghost standing next to the ghost from whom you got the quest.

Look for Antei & Talk to Antei’s afterimage

Go to the floating island on the southwest side of The Serpent’s Heart. Antei is at the location as shown in the pictures below.

Find the abandoned Ruin Guard & Activate the Ruin Guard

Now go south and activate the Ruin Guard at the location as shown in the picture below.

Obtain “Before Sun and Moon”

Defeat the Ruin Guard and then collect the lost book “Before Sun and Moon” dropped by it. Now go and talk to Antei’s afterimage to complete the quest.

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